The Long Term Trend of Christianity – its future – My Special Message to Non-Christians in the movement


[This is a quick comment I wrote to someone on my video channel when the person was complaining about the way Christians are treated in the movement by non-Christians. So I tried to explain some things to him but I also thought it necessary to explain things to other non-christians too. Jan]

Let me tell you a secret. Christianity is going to die. Christianity is really linked, ultimately, to a worship of Jews. Christianity has some nice soft aspects that are useful crutches emotionally to enable you to survive life, but ultimately, christianity is based on false premises. It was intermixed with paganism in order to make it more palatable to the romans of the time. It was really created, I think in order to stop the Roman Empire from collapsing. I think it failed in that mission. I think Christianity may take another 2 centuries to die out. The Germans who went into WW1 and WW2 went in there as DEEP BELIEVING CHRISTIANS. But Hitler and others began showing them that science and our ancient religions actually are the real thing. The good news therefore is that northern and Western Europeans have quietly removed themselves away from Christianity.

The Germans believed DEEPLY in this stuff. The 30 years war resulted in MASSIVE DEATHS and hideous tragedies. It tore Germany apart. It was WORSE than WW2. And it was all about Christianity. The Germans are responsible, and died in large numbers, for the Protestant Christianity that you believe in now. But, the Germans later realised, under Hitler, that this is nonsense. That is why Northern and Western Europe have been dumping christianity since WW2.

America seems to me, will be the last hold out of Christianity especially as the Jews mess with it. But that puts them in the same state of mind as the Boers.

It could be that we are in a MEGA-TREND. The mega-trend is this: That since the Renaissance, that the White race is VERY VERY SLOWLY dumping Christianity and moving back towards the warrior culture of our past. That we’re becoming Pagans again … SCIENTIFIC PAGANS.

This trend will continue to take centuries. We are probably half way through this trend now.

You keep thinking, as a Christian … Jews are bad … but JESUS SAVED US. Jews are bad … but ALL MY HEROES ARE JEWISH. e.g. Abraham, etc. You are stuck in this world where you see the evil of the Jew but yet you grasp at Jewish straws constantly.

I think also Christianity is a woman’s religion. I think white women need this religion the most because they need to believe that “Daddy loves me”. It is a part of their psyche, and they need this, because white men, currently are not strong enough.

I think, at a “macro level” … that the White race, starting in Europe, where our cleverest people are … is returning to “Scientific Paganism”. This will be our system. This is going to be our winning formula.

I use the term paganism, but it is really just a natural old system of valuing your ancestors, and focusing on the need for strength and unity. It is a natural way of living in a naturally competitive and harsh world.

What you are missing is that when you accept certain Christian principles, that you are also accepting things that are NOT truly racial.

However, what may keep christianity alive for very long is the fact that one can interpret the scriptures how you please and you can cherry-pick from it that which you like. So in this way, you can assure yourself that certain messages exist in there.

My advice to you is this: Focus on science and physical real world knowledge as much as you can. Believe what you want in order to be able to remain sane and functioning in this world. But focus your energy on this world.

The biggest con of Christianity is the notion that the Jew Jesus assured you of a life in another world. Unfortunately, this con is based on criteria. The criteria being that you must be “good” according to a set of rules that works for Jews. So you seek eternal life, but you do so at the expense of your fellows. If you find a good black or a good Jew, you may decide to choose them over your fellow whites.

But NS is really about sticking together with other whites … AT ALL COSTS. And from my observations in Africa, this is true. This is the true path forward. We must stick together at all costs. No good Jew and no good black must sway us. We must do that which is good for all of us.

Our race, our people, our children, our future – THIS IS ALL THAT MATTERS. We must be willing to do hideous things in order for our people to prosper. But a Christian will keep on thinking: Should I do this? Will God allow it? etc, etc. This WEAKENS YOU IN YOUR FIGHT FOR OUR PEOPLE.

To the NON-CHRISTIANS I have this to say:

As much as we can see the weaknesses in the Christians, we must also accept this failure among ourselves – those of us who are non-Christians. The weakness is this: Why are CHRISTIANS more in number in our movement than non-christians? Why are we UNABLE to convert the VAST MASS of non-Christians to our movement? Why do the vast mass of non-christians become Liberals?

Therein lies our big error.

So maybe we should not pick on the Christians for their errors … because there are many of them willing to contemplate loyalty to our race, whereas the vast majority of non-christians out there are NOT converting to NS. Therefore we need to up our game.

Rather than bashing the Christians who are here, we should be asking ourselves: Why are we unable to convert the vast mass of non-christians?

I’ve even seen that when a White Christian dumps Christianity, they become a LIBERAL. And that is very bad.

One thought on “The Long Term Trend of Christianity – its future – My Special Message to Non-Christians in the movement

  • 26th December 2019 at 6:54 pm

    [I already responded to you on Bitchute, but I’ll reproduce it here, in case you don’t see it there]

    Jan, I realize this is a long comment, but to be fair, your comment is also long. Please hear me out and read what I have to say.

    I have heard all this before. And I’m sure I’ll hear it all again. I understand the deep disagreement that many people in this movement have with Christianity. I understand that many of them also have issues with religion in general. I understand their arguments and I have heard all sorts of viewpoints on these issues, such as William Pierce, Ben Klassen, Tom Metzger, Emily Henderson, Carolyn Emerick, and many others.

    I cannot prove to you that you are wrong in your beliefs. I cannot prove to you that you are wrong about your interpretation of Christianity. Even if I wrote down why I believe in Jesus Christ and why I think Abraham was not some sort of super-Jew, you wouldn’t care because your mind is already made up on this matter. I understand that you’ve also had your personal issues with religion and there’s no way I’m going to convince you against your conclusions in just a little comment.

    All I can tell you is that I’m a very scientifically inclined person. My job involves intense logic and critical thinking constantly. It has conditioned the way that I think and even the way I live. I’m no slouch when it comes to thinking things through. I’m not a Christian simply because of blind faith or a misguided desire to “escape to heaven.” I believe that ancient history is much different than what we’ve been taught. I believe that there are many things we are wrong about in our current understanding of science and reality. Your own book, Hollow Planets, taught me to critically question what we think we know. My belief in Jesus Christ and the Bible does not conflict with my scientific understanding of the world, but rather agrees with it and even reinforces it.

    I know this sounds strange because many Christians would rather shy away from hard questions than seek to understand them. Many Christians do not want to know the truth because it is difficult to reconcile their preconceptions with other facts of reality. I have always sought the truth and have never had to sacrifice my faith. I know other Christians who are extremely intelligent people and know more about the Jews and communism than either of us. They are not stupid and their faith does not at all conflict with their understanding of reality. Many Christians in the world have simply dropped the ball and given us an extremely bad image to non-Christians because they have twisted our religion. When I say I am a Christian, I’m not like 99% of other Christians in the world. Many Christians would want to have me shot dead and thrown in a ditch if they knew my beliefs. But I cannot deny the truth which I know, so I still call myself a Christian.

    In addition to my objective and scientific knowledge which affirms my faith, I have had personal religious experiences that have solidified my beliefs. I’m not going to renounce the Bible or my belief in Jesus Christ and I truly believe that there is life after death. I’m not going to recount my experiences to you here, because all you will probably try to do is criticize me and explain why I’m mentally deficient. I am not. Can you not give me enough credit to think that maybe I have real, tangible evidence and objective reasoning behind my beliefs? Even our belief in racialism is criticized by all the world and there are many “scientists” and “professors” who would love to put us in our place and explain to us why our beliefs are totally fallacious. We both know they are wrong, but sometimes all you can tell someone as to why we believe the races are distinct and different is because of our personal experiences. We can send them books and videos, but if they’ve never had a bad experience with a black, or they race-mix, or they love Jews and liberalism / communism, then they won’t care at all what we say. Sometimes personal experience is the only thing that can show a person the truth of something.

    My religious beliefs do not mean that I’m obsessed with “getting to heaven” above all else. I would never say, “just let the communists kill and steal from me, because if I’m nice, I can go to heaven! Just let them kill my family because I must turn the other cheek.” NO! That is wrong. Turning the other cheek never even meant allowing someone to abuse you. At the time Jesus said this, a Roman could slap a slave with the backside of his hand. To slap him with the inside of the palm was to acknowledge the slave as an equal. There was no crime in slapping a slave, but there was in slapping an equal. Because the left hand was never used for anything more elevated than wiping one’s posterior, this forced the Roman to either stop the assault, or treat the victim as an equal. Likewise, the instruction to carry a soldier’s pack beyond what was expected was intended to shame the soldier. Jesus Christ was not instructing you to take abuse; he was instructing you to fight back intellectually. This is just one tiny example of how people have come to grossly misunderstand the true nature of Christianity.

    In any case, I believe that if I were to put others first instead of my family and my people, allow them to slaughter my family and race, then I would have no right to go to whatever heaven there may be. I do not believe in just kicking back and waiting until I’m dead to make something of myself. I do not believe this is what the Bible says. I know other Christians who believe likewise (they are rare, but there are a few).

    I have a huge respect for the National Socialists, Christian or not. Personally, I do not even think Adolf Hitler was a Christian (although he was born Catholic). I think he renounced Christianity after his mother died from cancer and became a pagan or adopted a unique religious perspective based on strength and character. But I still greatly respect the man, regardless of whether he was Christian, because he deeply cared for his people and did all he could to save them. His entire life was dedicated to helping his people and sacrificing comfort and ease in order to better his people’s situation. What is more admirable than that?

    I do not “grasp at Jewish straws constantly.” I wish I could write down all my beliefs as to why the Old Testament is true, yet the Jews have perverted and twisted its understanding. Did you know, for instance, that the Bible never says the Jews are “God’s chosen people”? That was a Jewish lie invented in the 1820s by a Jew named Moses Mordecai Levy. I don’t know if I’m spelling that right, but it doesn’t matter. The amount of corruption of Jesus Christ’s original teachings is astounding. No minister or priest or ordinary Christian knows any of this, or if they do they’ll never teach it.

    So I know that Christians have serious problems themselves. I know that many Christians are guilty of what you accuse me of. But I am not a blind believer or a lazy thinker. I have painstakingly reached my conclusions after listening and considering many opposing viewpoints. Yet my beliefs still stand. I think that should count for something.

    I appreciate your reaching out to me in a non-aggressive manner and also addressing the attitudes of non-Christians in our movement. I have sent you emails before on this subject which go into a little more depth about my beliefs I outlined here. I could communicate to you via email if you want in order to further elucidate my views, but I’ll stop here since this is certainly long enough and video comments are not the best form for this kind of discussion.


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