The Late Great Tom Metzer as a role model for young White men, especially Americans


[This is from an email exchange between myself and Patrick of SurvivingWeimerika. We've done shows together. Jan]

Hi Patrick,I saw that yesterday and posted info on my websites. I also see no mention of cause of death.
Several months ago I did speak to him, and he sounded a bit strange and I asked him if he was ok. He did not sound good.

He lived a long time. 82 is pretty good for a man. He had fought intensely for us when he was younger.

A very clever man indeed. But I do differ on a few points with him. But he was awesome in the 1980s.

Truly incredible. He probably laid some of the widest foundations for spreading the truth about race in the USA.

He was very sharp, and I was extremely impressed with his use of technology. He and I had some good off the record chats about this.

I liked his sharp mind. And he was tough. There are a few points of analysis I differed on, with him. But he really was a hero to be remembered.

I have the full videos of everything he ever did. He was really kick ass.

He detested David Duke, and I grasp why. Duke, effectively is a diplomat, whereas Metzer was a fighter, and a working man.

Metzger is thus much more true to our REAL PERSONALITY AS A PEOPLE. Duke is a believer in money, and that business solves problems, and that’s just not true.

Metzer had other issues with Duke which I won’t go into. But I think at a higher level these are the primary differences between the two.

Metzer was a true Aryan, and if only White Americans could be more like Metzger, they’d be winning like crazy … FAST!

He is a good role model.

Take care,

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