2 thoughts on “The Languages of the White/Aryan Race: German & Sanskrit

  • 16th December 2019 at 4:35 pm

    Thanks for the great history lesson on linguistics!

    However, wouldn’t you say that the “Yellows” or Asians, in particular, the Japanese and Chinese (and possibly Koreans), built what we could consider to be a “Civilization” too, although one that is distinct from the one created by the European or White race?

  • 8th October 2019 at 1:04 am

    All languages have one root, once all the nations spoke the same language. The reason the Germans have sanskrit is because the Romans make it very clear there were two nations invading Rome/Europe, one from Arabia called Saracens and well the other, they had no name for them.

    So they coined a name, “Germani” meaning original. Original tribe, original from what? I dont know but the Aryan symbol Hitler used was by way of the Saracens in Germany who came from modern day Persia. Croatia also has mountain ranges aka Zagreb which one can find today mountain ranges with the same names in Persia/Iran.

    You can search online and find many nations around Croatia historians have identified with nations who left Persia.

    Iran was linked to Babylon, i believe back then from history studies the Aryans were getting so mixed they had to begin a program to make sure to engineer to keep their white system going, this is called the caste system still found in India and many Swaz stickers still in India, so many that it is unbelievable, every rickshaw driver has one in his window and every temple has it on it or in it.

    Race mixing was punishable by death in India, hence the upper classes of most of these non-white nations are all white and their gods, the good gods are white and the evil gods black. From India right through to Japan. Whiteness is seen as light and darkness seen as evil.

    Mixing is what a certain group like because in the bible it says a bastard (Mamzer) will not enter into the congregation of the Lord even until the 10th generation, a Mamzer is any mixed Israelite.The Israelites bloodline of Abraham goes to Iran/Iraq since this is the area he came from, Chaldea, the druids of England clame to have come from the same area and are white, they have a full historical record of this.

    The ancient religions, paganism in England is from Iraq/Babylon which is why you find all the symbols of Babylon. Those Druids were Chaldeans and they were all white, so all those nations were white, we know this because it is only the white races who have ever throughout history EVER been able to build civilization. Babylon was the civilization of the day, the designs, drawings, architecture prove it but then someone let the races in and race mixing happened and it vanished.


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