The Jewish Pedophile Epstein’s female side kick: Ghislaine Maxwell FINALLY Arrested Today!!!


[I just received this. I am keen to see what happens. She knows a LOT. But will she tell any of it? Or will she also "die" and go to Israel like Lord Janner in the UK and Epstein in the USA. Jan]

Subject: Ghislaine Maxwell FINALLY Arrested Today!!!

Ghislaine Maxwell was finally arrested today by our corrupt FBI.

For so many years the Mossad agents Epstein and Maxwell were protected and untouched. After enough pressure came to bear on the corrupt authorities, Epstein was finally arrested, but then he was freed by his faked suicide in jail, and he’s probably alive and well somewhere in Israhell.

So now we finally see his sidekick/handler Ghislane arrested, and I would expect that she’ll also be freed from jail by another fake death (from a faked suicide or faked murder) in jail.

My guess is that public pressure has finally forced our totally corrupt FBI to arrest her, but they can’t save face with this arrest as they should’ve arrested her many many many years ago instead of totally ignoring the testimony of her many victims.

So here’s the FBI today pretending that they now really care about the victims of these criminal luciferians like Epstein and Maxwell:

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