The Jewish and Liberal fooling of Americans… DIVIDING WHITES WITHOUT WHITES REALISING IT


As I read stories and watch videos relating to America, I can see how White Americans are being fooled by many things, and how it is that the majority of you fall for Liberalism.

What is really happening is that White Americans are being DIVIDED without even realising it.

It’s not a phenomenon unique to White Americans. It’s happened to the British, the Canadians, etc. But it’s quite fascinating to see how, bit by bit the enemy is just messing with your heads.

Even as I look at historical videos, I can see the trends.

Jews divide people without people even realising it.

And it’s easy to understand how, after years and decades of this, Whites eventually lose faith in themselves.

Hitler made some brilliant points about another way White skills are turned against Whites. He used the example of education.

Don’t ever knock your fellow Whites. In the end, you are all in the same boat together, and when push comes to shove, WHITE AMERICANS WILL BE ON THEIR OWN. Mark my words.

When all is said and done, you’ll find yourself up a creek, and all your "fellow citizens" are NOT on your side, and ONLY WHITES WILL BE ALONE.

That’s how the trap works.

But don’t feel bad. Everyone has been fooled in one way or another. We’ve all made mistakes.

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