The Inability of the Anglos to see the Jews & Freemasons – Only Continental Europeans have fought the Jews

One of my supporters wrote this:Anglo’s still don’t see pentagrams on the US flag or hexagrams on the Uk Ulster flag or even the Masonic kosherdom of acronym states of kosher Christianity, derivative of rabbi Cromwell England nor can most of them evolve beyond reactionary patriotardism and thus into National-Socialism…their history is shabbes goyish treason to the Euro race and so Juden easily infiltrate every party, so far…only continentals have opposed the Satanist so far while the Anglo’s worship them even as a few try to break free…they cannot afford to allow anyone to shine light on them.

My thoughts:
The Anglos might be locked in ECONOMICALLY. I have wondered if the key is commerce. The British, especially, seem to be so confused by Jews, that they are unable to think straight. They seem to be totally locked into the economic angle. I’ve noticed this even in South Africa. But I have noticed this weakness with certain other whites who are not Anglos per se.

I think one of the biggest keys to escaping from the Jew (and Free Masonry), is to get the economic issue sorted out.

I think that even in South Africa, this is an enormous part of the struggle. We won’t be able to get Whites-only states to exist, until we can solve the economic problems.

It’s something I’ve been pondering a lot. I think that once the economic stuff is solved, then whites will be able to break out like crazy.

I find myself thinking ever more often: MONEY IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL. It seems to me that when you can trade with a black man or a Jew and your only value is: "The colour of his money is the same as the colour of a white man’s money …" then you’re screwed.

Though, one small glimmer of hope is this: The colour of the black man’s money does change with time, because he naturally destroys his economy. Thus the black man’s money is itself more unreliable than that of Westerners. So that is a small glimmer of hope.

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