The Hypocrisy and Anti-White attitude of Jew-owned Trudeau: One rule for BLM, another rule for White Truckers

[This is a short note a Canadian wrote, which some Americans were circulating. Several Canadians have raised the issue of the pure hypocrisy of Trudeau with regard to the Whites. I have a short video I just downloaded of White Canadians at their finest. It made me laugh so much. White Canadians are NOT PUSSIES! They can WALK TALL. They did fantastic work. They proved many things to all of Canada, and America and even to the WORLD. I think there has been a general increased contempt for Trudeau, and the Police too. Jan]

This is what one Canadian wrote about the hypocrisy of Trudeau:
It’s quite noticeable how "tough" the po-lice get when confronting the peaceful truckers and parents at school board meetings but make themselves scarce when the street mobs like Antifa & blm thugs show up on the scene.

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