Pics: Jewish kangaroo court at Nuremberg: German NAZIs burst out laughing!! – Also: NAZIS created NASA!

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This fantastic meme says something. This includes Hermann Goering for whom I have a lot of respect for his courage as a senior NAZI who said his last words on behalf of his people. Just look at this fantastic meme. The Germans are bursting out uncontrollably in laughter at the bold bullshit being told there!

According to reports on the Internet it is said the Germans burst out due to a translation error. Well it doesn’t matter what caused it. But when you look at the close-up below, you’ll see that even their American guards were almost laughing.

They were real white men. Fine men. So many of them had to die due to the Jewish pieces of shit and their hate agenda against the Germans.

But its fantastic to see these fine men having a great laugh. Sadly many of them had to die for the lies … but DO NOT WORRY WHITE PEOPLE … WE CAN ALWAYS AVENGE THEM IN THE FUTURE!! Its our DUTY I tell you!

Here’s a nice closeup. Look at the guards behind them:

Here’s a nice meme someone created about what some of the NAZIs did AFTER Nuremberg … those who survived.

And just a reminder of those who died. Notice the news headline that they don’t know how Goering got the poison! He outwitted them!

Finally, here is an excellent little article with quotes from many military men including British who said things AGAINST the kangaroo court of Nuremberg:

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