The Hacking broke my pace… but I’m pretty much back on track… updates video coming


The hacking broke my really nice pace. I also noticed that some people were very afraid that their information had been compromised. The vast majority of you need not worry. I will do an upates video. I have not done one in about 3 months.

I will do it in the next few days. I must explain where I am, what’s happened and the pluses and minuses. Lots to fill you in on.

I have fixed most things, and I monitor everything daily, including hacking reports, attempted break-ins and also I run and check all backups manually daily, and I even copy stuff off, in case my servers are TOTALLY WIPED OUT… AND I have server backups which I now pay for, but which will enable me to survive a TOTAL WIPE OUT.

However, I also still do manual backups.

I also am busy with private activism here in SA, dealing with people quietly, and spreading my message. That is going well.

I’m very delighted to see some people also WANTING TO DO STUFF. That to me is the greatest news. I’m liking that.

New videos are coming out.

The one thing I fell behind on was communications with people. I need to dive in there and catch up with that.

Also, I have interviews and shows I need to set up. People are waiting for me.

So that’s a bit of feedback.

Here at my home, with all this covid shit and lockdowns and all kinds of govt crap, I’ve changed my routine to worry less about exercise and walking outside my home and to instead dive in and do some physical labour in my garden and around my house. It’s much more productive anyway and I’m already feeling a lot better. It’s amazing what a shovel and a wheelbarrow can do. I’m feeling healthy, and my focus is good. So hang in there.

Tons of work to do! Lots of Jews to expose!

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