The Greatest Talent of the Elite of the New Roman Empire (USA) – My Comments


[Although the USA was based, like most new Western Nations on the fine example of the Romans, I doubt the Romans could be compared to the pathetic scum who rule the USA. The author doesn't mention Jews, but by emphasising the lying he is probably indirectly pointing to the Jews. The other Elite are weak pathetic scum too.

I have nothing but the utmost contempt for the modern so-called Elite of the Western world … I think the hangmen and the firing squads should be busy 24/7 clearing out the high level traitors to the white race who are deeply in bed with the Jews. Jan]

The Strength of the New Roman Empire

The strength of the New Roman Empire appears to have NEVER rested on its armies, navies, or its economy. It appears throughout history, especially recent history, that the foundation for this nation’s success and its wealth has been the ability of it’s elites to lie; to lie well, to lie often, to lie as a way of life.

They will lie to their own people, to each other, and to everyone they ever come in contact with.

The elites believe they were placed on this earth entitled to get whatever they want, whenever they wanted it and the easiest way to get whatever they want is – to lie as facially and as frequently as they possibly can. The elites believe the “truth” is at best a nebulous concept, at worst it’s a sign of rebellion which must be stamped out, along with its purveyor, as soon as it appears.

The elites understand that the truth must be denigrated, it is something to be sneered at with contempt, regarded with utter disgust, made fun of along with all those who try to speak it. It must be destroyed whenever and wherever it shows itself, that it’s a dangerous, dirty and ugly form of communication only spoken by those who lack the will-power, self-control, or a sense of righteous self-worth (entitlement) that distinguishes one of the elites from the “little people”. They believe the truth is an odious idea, whose product is only uttered by the deranged, the mentally challenged, the unstable, the deluded or the infantile.

The elites have always understood that “real adults” should master the art of lying as early and as quickly as possible, which is why they start teaching their young as soon as they begin to speak, that if they tell the truth, they won’t get what they want.

They firmly believe in their heart of hearts, and rightly so, that the truth is their sworn enemy; it exists only to prevent them from achieving their twin goals, those being their own enrichment and the expansion of their power at the expense of everyone else..

They are trained from childhood to believe that the spoken and written word exists simply to be massaged, twisted and changed into the opposite of what it’s supposed to convey. That language is simply an instrument of manipulation, to be used by the elite’s to convince their subject populations and those they deal with overseas that they are “honest brokers”, that they just want to do “some business”, or that they’re trying to “help” people.

And for over sixty years our elites have “helped” many, many, people throughout the world and in this country…to their early graves. – mpg


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