The Great National Socialist: Julius Evola


One of my supporters wrote this:

Jan, Just another thing that mention while it is still fresh in my memory. I am quite certain you have heard of the great Julius Evola, a man of Sicilian stock born in Rome. This man had strong links to the NSDAP but but to my understanding, was disowned from the party for being too many extreme even for Hitler, Goebbels, Himmler and co. Sounds like my kind of man! As much respect and adoration I have for NSDAP, my one major criticism of their policies is their leniency in many critical matters that ended up costing them dearly. I think if they had included Evola and implemented a good deal more Evolian ideas into their philosophy, the war may have come to a swifter end and victory for Germany, Italy and their allies. Interested to hear your views on this. I’m currently reading through the Evola library, learning and trying to find the most accurate translations but Revolt Against the Modern World and Ride the Tiger would be something I recommend anyone delve into.

My Reply:
Thanks for your comments. I’ve posted them on my site.

I have heard of Evola, and seen a few brilliant quotes. I have heard that he was not always brilliant, but I have never studied him. So I can’t comment now.

One thing you must be aware of, is that Hitler had to make many extremely difficult decisions. One for example had to do with the SA and the night of the long knives. The SA guys wanted to kill and purge the Germany military, I think the officer class. Hitler disagreed with this, and he wiped out the SA’s leaders before they could engage in a German-on-German blood letting. I would be very careful before criticising someone like Hitler, without fully grasping the data he used for his decisions. If they had purged their officer class, then they would have harmed their military like the Jews did in the great purges in the Soviet Union. Hitler made a number of compromises. He actually had many very difficult decisions to make, including dealing with the fact that most of his people were Christians. He was doing such revolutionary, modern, futuristic and advanced things that he had to walk a very careful line. He compromised, and yet also did not compromise. He was able to be a revolutionary, without causing a mass slaughter of Germans, which I approve of.

I will keep an eye open re: Evola.

There is much we can do and also some things we can modify in moving whites forward into the future. The great experiment Hitler ran in Germany is full of tremendous, beautiful lessons for us all, and definitely, that path needs to be resumed.

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