The Future: Rhodesian UDI No 2 & The Third Boer War MUST go GLOBAL!

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I wrote this to a lady doing great Rhodesian work on Gab:

You’re doing great stuff Carolina. What we need in this world next is Rhodesian UDI No 2! We need a nation or area, where whites are which can do UDI: Unilateral Declaration of Independence … and say… we’re white, this is a whites-only state… and those are our rules! The Jews will IMMEDIATELY stir up a global war and hate campaign against it. My hope is that the next UDI will be an ethnostate in South Africa.

There are people working away at the issue of secession. I will get to this topic. But, it will be a REPEAT of the South in the USA and of NAZI Germany, etc … because Jews will do all they can to smash whites who want to do their own thing. However, in this age of the Internet, my thinking is that The Third Boer War (i.e. the next one), must be a GLOBAL WAR… that when the whites of SA stand up for themselves, that all our allies in the rest of the world, like here on Gab, need to go into high gear.

I’m also talking to Billy Roper, who to me, seems to be the most serious guy in the USA working on the issue of an Ethnostate. I was delighted to get an email back from Billy. I like serious people and I have 2 of his books. He is intellectual, and he’s determined. I like serious, determined white males.

AND, ALL WHITE MALES ON THE PLANET NEED TO BEGIN ARMING UP. Expect trouble to come. Plan for action within 10 years or less. It won’t happen tomorrow or next year, BUT ITS COMING. Get armed.

I actually need to get myself a rifle actually. I have a 9mm pistol for self defence, even though I hardly ever wear it. But I need to start my process of arming, and I’m chatting to my friends. Luckily, quite a lot of them have already been doing a lot of homework in that regard.

BUT ALL WHITE MALES: Get weapons, and begin thinking like a prepper and begin thinking resistance to tyranny.

The Third Boer War, must be a GLOBAL WAR for white Freedom. If we all work together, then that stands a chance. And we in Africa must attempt to lead the charge. We MUST take our politics on to the world stage … our WHITE POLITICS FOR WHITE SELF RULE AND WHITE GENOCIDE … MUST GO GLOBAL. That is the only way, and folks here on the Internet are preparing the way. But we need to work in support of each other. One needs a "crisis" in order to put politicians, etc in a corner and to force an outcome.

As Bismarck said: All the major questions of the day will be settled with BLOOD and IRON!

And that my friends is the ONLY WAY whites can retain their countries or get freedom. You must we willing to destroy your enemies. There is no other way. Jews will sabotage all our efforts every inch of the way and try to smash everything we do. It will be a rerun of Germany, the South, etc.

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