The Fight between Whites and Jews over the soul of America and Canada and the FUTURE DIRECTION…

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Video: A Survival tip for Whites: The Shoe Shine Boy, Jews and Blacks
The lessons in this video can help all Whites, everywhere. The 1929 Stock Market Crash wiped out lots of people including very wealthy people. But in this this video we take a look at some of the rare White men who profited from the 1929 Stock Market Crash.

When I look at how things at how things are going in America and now Canada also, I must tell you, it is very clear to me that SOCIETY IS BEING TORN APART as JEWS want North America to become non-White. This is totally in the interest of Jewish survival. The Jews know that the Whites, especially the White Americans, will kick their asses out one day. That’s why they’re pushing Diversity like crazy and flooding both countries with any kind of non-White garbage from any continent.

You see, if the Jews were alone then it would just be the Jews against the Whites, and they would lose easily or be identified easily.

So with DIVERSITY, the Jews can confuse and muddle up the Whites. This is very effective. In Hitler’s table talk, he discussed how Jews cause confusion, both consciously and unconsciously. But I think he sees Jews as causing confusion DELIBERATELY most of the time but not all the time. I agree. I think that is a very accurate analysis, from the late, GREAT Adolf Hitler!!!

But as Tan Staafl of the Age of Treason has pointed out in "Crypsis", the art of hiding in nature, it is important for the Jews to HIDE among their hosts. This is a defensive mechanism.

Jews are in many respects the INSISTENT PARASITES. They WANT to be among us. Not because they like us or love us, but because they LUST for the success, power and wealth that the European peoples create in all the nations they own.

But there is a WAR between Whites and Jews as to what the future will be. Will it be a WHITER BRIGHTER FUTURE or will it be a DIVERSE future where Jews and Non-Whites team up with degenerates and TRAITORS to control the rest of the Whites?

That’s the war that is raging, and will rage with ever greater intensity in the years ahead.


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The Boer State Party
From Jan: This is the ONLY political party in South Africa that I will support. I have met their leader and know their history. *ALL* other Political Parties in SA are a total waste of time for Whites. This political party cares about Whites. They say: We fight for our People‘s Freedom and Safe continued existence in the new South Africa!

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