The Evil Lincoln Project’s War on Trump & all Trump supporters – New Exposes of TLP

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This building still exists in Johannesburg. It was already built and looking great in the mid-1980s when I came to work in Johannesburg. Someone back then told me that the floors of this building are hanging. I did not quite know what to think of it, but its design is strange and when you look at the bottom, youll see the whole building is held up by a central column. (Just like those buildings of 911).

I have mentioned before the existence of the Lincoln Project and their radical war on Trump and all his supporters. They have said they wanted to make Trump’s life a "burning hell" after he leaves office. Well, it turns out that TLP’s founders have some rather dirty secrets of their own. The one guy sexually harassed 21 men. This sounds a lot like the Jew Lord Janner in the UK who had sex with more than 20 men/boys in parliament. So there’s some weird nonsense going on there at this TLP project.

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