The Dutch may be docile … but they are learning Civil Disobedience… We’re not defeated yet…

[A great Dutch supporter in Holland, wrote this regarding my New Year’s message. Whites will be learning, AGAINST THEIR WILL, the art of REBELLION. We’ve had it too good for too long. And now we’re being forced down a path that, in the long run will strengthen us. Jan]

The Dutch supporter wrote to myself and some other people:-
I agree with Jan that there isn’t much to celebrate. But I think it is still good to have a party now and then. New Years Night is a party ‘from the street’. Neighbours you hardly see, you speak with them this night. I think that’s valuable. And in the Netherlands that was certainly the case this year.
Fireworks were banned this year to ‘relieve the pressure on the hospitals’. Still, fireworks were set off in every street. It was a sign of civil disobedience. A bright spot in the docile slavishness with which the majority of the population undergoes the corona dictatorship. It was a night of fraternization and hope.
We are not defeated yet.

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