The Dismantling of US Nuclear Weapons – Suicide? – Wasn’t Obama big on NUCLEAR DISARMAMENT? – My Comments


[Wasn't the mixed-race, gay, African-born, Jewish-backed, President Obama BIG on unilateral disarmament of US nukes? I could be wrong but I think he even suggested that the USA disarm by itself – which would really be a SUICIDALLY INSANE move. Below is a discussion between some Jew-wise Americans I know about the possibility that America is dismantling at least some of it's nukes in Texas. My advice to Whites is: You can't have enough weapons, and you can't have enough Weapons of Mass Destruction. You need these things. We must be able to defend ourselves. This is not a game. It's about survival. The Chinese and Russians would nuke America in a second if it had no nukes. I think the man goes a bit overboard when he speaks about the Jews nuclear weapons. What one should rather look at is the next Jewish super power, Communist China. It is most likely China that the Jews will hope can be used to nuke America. That's why the Jews are doing all they can to help the Chinese and expand their power. Where did the massive, capitalist-like, Chinese economy come from? Rest assured it came from Jews MOVING the entire Western World's economy to China!!! Jan]

A lady in Texas wrote:

I was at a meeting about one month ago and the speaker was Ray Smith. The topic was Oak Ridge history. He mentioned that nuclear weapons were being dismantled in Texas. I asked him after the meeting if I had heard him say this, and he said yes but without any explanation. I said this doesn’t sound good for America. Sounds like they are dismantling America.

Are there any other comments here about America’s nuclear projects? Wind and Solar does not work.

A man replied:

I first commented several years ago about this effort being in quiet process. I said then that as long as Jews needed our nuclear weapons to bully the world, they would maintain America on a more or less even keel. That need is now clearly gone.

Local NPR announced this evening that, as of this weekend, all American nukes will be neutralized. What need will there be now for nuclear submarines, as that is their only function? Watch for their destruction. Interestingly, the US is suddenly talking about selling some of these submarines to Australia , yet it is doubtful they have the wherewithal to arm and maintain a fleet of these intensely, high tech submarines with their limited resources.

The anti-nuclear crowds are crowing over their victory without the slightest understanding of what they are celebrating. This is not a victory; this is a critical part of the Jews’ planned defeat for America . Nuclear weapons were the only power the goyim could access that sacred Jews shitless. Their movie Dr. Strangelove was a cinematic exhibition of their pants-shitting fear. With this move, Jews have made sure there is no possibility of a General Ripper unleashing their own bomb against them.

This is undoubtedly the end. With Jews no longer having any need or use for the white American goyim, they will now finish wrecking the nation. With the demise of America ’s nuclear forces, the dismantling of America will now go into final overdrive, as there will be no military power remaining that can fight the Jews advanced technology weapons under their close, fully centralized control. Not to mention the Jews’ own nuclear weapons force. … snip ….

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