The Death of President PW Botha and Siener Van Rensburg’s prophecies – Race War in South Africa


[I was going through my AfricanCrisis archives looking for certain things. I stumbled on this article which I posted on AfricanCrisis on 2006-11-03 a few days after the death of PW Botha. I had seen him 11 days before he died and he was absolutely fine. Interestingly, just a few days before I visited him there was a strange “scare” about his health and he was rushed to hospital. But during the week I visited him he was absolutely fine and I probably have among the few final photographs ever taken of him, none of which I’ve ever actually put online.

I thought I’d post this article I found from 2006 where an Afrikaans guy, Marius wrote to me about the prophecies of Siener Van Rensburg. Here is the exchange between him and me which I posted. Marius was interpreting the prophecies and talking about how race war was imminent as a result of PW’s Death. You’ll see my reply to him below.

You will see, again and again and again how wrong prophecies are as a means of ever trying to figure out what is going to happen and Siener Van Rensburg’s stuff is wrong all the time. Yet, to this day, 11 years later, people are still running around quoting him. The Suidlanders now, 11 years later, claim that he is extremely accurate. Yet, for years and years I’ve heard people interpret this stuff and be WRONG every time.

It is the Calvinistic side of the Boer which believes in a pre-ordained future that results in this wrong kind of thinking. Earlier in my life I also had another means by which I believed the future could be foretold. And that too turned out to be utter rubbish.

For the record, PW Botha actually met Van Rensburg when he was a child. He was very young and people introduced him to this prophet. Interestingly, when I knew PW Botha, which was for a few months in 2006, he actually believed in the importance of Van Rensburg and these prophecies.

Returning to the Suidlanders, they’ve been warning of imminent race war in South Africa since their formation in 2007 and they’ve been wrong all the time since. I have no idea what the current status of Simon Roche is.

I want to do a full video series on Race Warfare in South Africa. I want to go over what I wrote in the past, and why I believe we can survive anything they throw at us.

According to my records, I had personal contact with President PW Botha from 2006-04-19 when he and I first spoke on the phone until 2006-10-20 when I left his house Die Anker after a visit of a few days. He died 11 days after without any warning. Jan]

I published this on 2006-11-03:

The Death of PW Botha and Siener Van Rensburg’s prophecies

A reader wrote:-

Hello Jan

Do you know Siener van Rensburg an old proffit who lived about 100 years ago born 1862 i think,he said that with the death of a statesmen in the 3rd term the violence will start after the burial of that statesmen and that the blacks will kill many whites and this will spread through out the country and many people will not expect this i dont have all detail in front of me but do you recall this?

If maybe its Botha’s death then there will be big trouble in SA in 2 weeks time?

Can you colaborate on this?



Hi Marius,

I am fully aware of Van Rensburg and have read the book Voice of a Prophet. I doubt that PW Botha’s death is in any way related to this. Many people have been warning me for a long time now that in a mere few months the blacks will attack us – and one has that bit of “Afrikaner propaganda/psychological warfare” out there, “The night of the Long Knives” – which many people believe is real.

I don’t buy into any of that.

Interestingly, PW Botha did tell me that he actually saw Siener Van Rensburg when he was 9 years old. His father told him he must come to see a very important man and took him to see Siener. More than that he could not remember when he spoke to me.

But PW did say that he knew of highly trustworthy men like Boy Mussman who were of high character and who knew Siener very well and who vouched for Siener. PW Botha himself was a deep believer in Siener Van Rensburg. Jan

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