The Clinton Body Count: 2022 and still going up! – Mark Middleton and the Jewish Paedophile Epstein

[This is from a "newsletter" that someone else compiles. This is definitely worth monitoring. This makes sense if this guy was the go-between between that filthy anti-White communist Bill Clinton and the filthy Jewish paedophile scum Epstein. Any further info on this one is worth watching. People have been dropping dead around the Clinton scum for decades. Jan]

Here’s what someone else wrote:

Another Clinton related suicide
Former Clinton advisor Mark Middleton was
found dead under mysterious circumstances
in May. Middleton is the main link between
Bill Clinton and Jeffrey Epstein. Days after
Ghislaine Maxwell revealed she would
unveil her client list for a reduced sentence,
Middleton suddenly died at the age of 59.
The death was ruled a suicide. Middleton
allegedly traveled 30 miles from his home
to a ranch that he never had reportedly
visited. He hung himself from a tree and
simultaneously shot himself in the chest
with a shotgun. The sheriff at the scene
immediately claimed there would be no

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