The British NAZI & founder of BNP and National Front: The Late Great John Tyndall


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[This is an exchange between myself and one of my readers some time back about John Tyndall. To me it is as if Tyndall was the best of the British Right of the last few decades. Jan]

5:52 p.m., Thursday Dec. 10

Jan: wrote:

But I saw that Tyndall seemed to have a deep admiration of the NAZIs earlier in his life. Who is this Jordan whom you are referring to whom you say was better?


6:45 a.m., Friday Dec. 11

Stefan wrote:

He did have a deep admiration for NS early on but he necessarily defaulted to British Nationalism…it’s a No-win situation in England but he was also of Ulster origin which is Masonic…British Imperialism was and is kosher…if you can evolve into a clean break from every variety of Judaism, you’re like a recidivist Alkie…Colin Jordan married to Francois Dior, published Gothic Ripples stayed NS all his life, equally compromised by English Britardism which never gets righter than Conservatism which means no further than Rabbi Jesus and D’Israeli…basically he reverted to Old Toryism while the new Toryism was the Trotskiist Conservatism of Thatcher the Labour party overtook that Griffin lamely tried to match in the late nineties…a Trotskiist inclusive Griffinism whose Dad was a Mason…note the failure Masonry injects into allegedly Nationalist bewegungen? Note how Britain injected Marxism into post-war Ireland who now have a Paki PM? Cohencidence? Note the export of Colour R evolutions by another Britard acronym, ‘USA’-another Masonic prison one of whose own original flags foreran the EU flag…a ring of stars-pentagrams-on a blue field… the canton of the Yankee flag was originally a union jack…a cross an apostate rabbi was crucified on and a St. Patricks Ulster cross…Tyndall’s failure shows a rabbinical narrowness of mind overladen onto the Aryan Gentiles mind typical of the materialist Anglospheroids…they cannot think INSIDE the White box like the attack dog curs they are…look how neatly the dumb Anglo goyim vote in Rabbi Boris Kemal and his Paki’s over themselves for the Kehillavirus hoax.
I pointed out the hexagram on the Ulster Loyalist flag on the DS site and was vilified by English morons and the same thing happened on RT’s site from which I was banned…I’ve been preaching secession on Yankee sites like Anglins for years and I preach secession of the English from the UK for the same time for the same reason…those erstaz acronym s are kosher like ‘USSR’ and all of those were and still are foes of SA…I am a continental NS myself not at all beholden to the Anglospheres kosher globalist ideology…acronyms mean genocide…in England the English are absent form their own census! they are non-persons in a 1084 state of MASONIC Thought police control because a handful of us know its the Juden doing this
Yes, Tyndall was gutsy, I met him and saw him speak but he was also a blustery Blimp who had been overrun by the kosher subversion as we all had been but he had no evolutionary context or vision other than restoration of the past I think inglorious….friends of mine symbolically cut the link when they fly red dragon flags and not Union jacks…imagine attending Dresden trauer marschen in Deutschland, sporting that foul rag the Boers were killed, for amongst many others-such shameless former allies of genocidal Kommunismus.

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