The Biggest Problem facing White existence and the future… The RULES AGAINST US…

This is from a discussion I was having with someone:The American wrote:
I’m gonna have to check on that. Yeah but regardless, it’s obviously a policy that constrains Whites significantly.

It’s quite sadistic actually.

I replied:
All whites are constrained. In fact, the greatest threat to our EXISTENCE and our LIVES are the RULES THAT HAVE BEEN HIJACKED AND TURNED AGAINST US. I am convinced that we would be fine, and we would prosper even in anarchy. The thing KILLING US, are the RULES. This is true in all countries. I’ve long been aware for example, of the "rules of engagement" that cause the US military, for example, serious problems. But everywhere, the rules are aimed more AGAINST US than to protect us. This is a fact of life everywhere.

I will be expanding on all the above later. There’s a lot to say.

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