The Assassination of JFK: The bizarre story of the Jew Ruby (Rubenstein) and the Grassy Knoll

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[Although I'm writing this – I am interested in other information and data regarding the murder of JFK. Jan]

I have been aware for several years of the role of Jews in the killing of JFK. But lately I was going through something very detailed written recently by Jesse Ventura, and I was quite horrified by some of the stuff.

There is a hell of a coverup and misdirection by the Jews in the killing of JFK.

JFK was not perfect. He was not liked at all by Racial Whites and by Conservative Whites and rightly so. His main redeeming quality was that he wanted the US Treasury to print America’s money … and that alone is possibly one of the reasons why the Jews wanted him dead. That alone … would be a death sentence and it would be similar in some respects to the assassination of Lincoln.

But one thing that blew me away was how many things were seen by common White Americans on that day. Lots and LOTS of things were seen which were then ignored and thrown away.

The Jews hide the fact that a Jew played a key role in this. That Jew is Jack Ruby – Rubenstein! And he’s a criminal. On the day of the murder, Jack Rubenstein was seen with a pickup truck dropping off a man with a rifle. The rifle was covered but it was easy to see it was a rifle. He dropped the man off at the location known as The Grassy Knoll. This is the first time I’ve heard of this and I was amazed. I had never before heard of Ruby being involved, with the actual killing – as someone who was helping this along. I knew he later would kill Oswald, so as to shut him up. But this was news to me.

Many people have said they heard shots coming from the Grassy Knoll, which is to the FRONT of JFK’s vehicle.

There definitely seem to be several bullets fired from different directions.

The Warren Commission was composed of a majority of JEWS. And they and the Katzenbach (Jew) memo are key ingredients in the entire coverup afterwards.

I was BLOWN away … to also hear that the Zapruder footage was bought by a magazine, and they EDITED the footage! They actually MODIFIED the footage even back then in the 1960s. JFK was clearly shot from the FRONT but they actually modified the footage in various ways to stop people seeing this!

The Jews were ALWAYS working towards driving everyone away from the notion that there was a CONSPIRACY. The Jews were always pushing the "lone gunman" story when in fact this made no sense at all.

The Jewish Mass Media clearly were the prime movers in hiding this truth from White Americans all these decades and it’s amazing that so much is STILL UNDER WRAPS despite what Trump said he would do to release it all.

It seems that decades later, despite all the Jewish lying, the majority of White Americans no longer believe the lone gunman lie that the Jews were pushing. So that’s great.

What strikes me when I went through the material gathered by Jesse Ventura is the insane complexity of what happened regarding Oswald.

In many ways this is like an early test run of what the Jews would later do with 911. By 911 the Jews were very very slick and they could pull off insane feats right before your eyes and fool you (as it fooled me). But with JFK the situation was messier. Even so, the Jews managed, to an amazing degree, to keep on lying and keep on pumping out the lies to fool all Americans and very sadly, they succeeded to a hellish degree.

I was blown away to find that reference to the Jew Rubenstein actually dropping off ONE OF THE GUNMEN! But it seems to me there were multiple gunmen. And even years ago, I realised that the Grassy Knoll is really the logical place to put a gunman. To shoot JFK from a distance, from behind, as they claim Oswald did, actually makes no sense.

Even with the edited Zapruder footage, which I’ve looked at many times, to me it seems quite clear that JFK was shot from the front.

George Lincoln Rockwell also wrote about the creepy things the Jews did on that day. I remember reading about it, but I don’t have that text any more. If anyone knows what Rockwell wrote, and where I can get a copy, I’d be grateful.

I do remember that one the day that JFK was to be killed, Rockwell said that JEWS were going to newspapers and placing Adverts BEFOREHAND that JFK was going to be killed by a communist – or something along those lines.

Rockwell did awesome work.

Jesse Ventura makes an excellent point about the hideous way the Mass Media (clearly the Jewish Mass Media) lied and lied to people for decades.

Jews should NEVER be allowed to have any form of power. The malicious evil these filthy scum get up to knows no bounds.

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