The Aryans were Natural-born KILLERS! – The German Tribes in the massive forests of Germany…

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[This was my reply to an American who is racially aware and knows his stuff. Jan]

I wrote about him quoting The West’s Darkest Hour where it said: Ayrans are natural-born killers and it went on to lament the effects of Jewish Christianity on Whites:-

I wrote:

… this is wonderful: Aryans are natural-born killers who have a natural desire to achieve power

If you read the history of our race, then you’ll see it started out as hunting … hunting for food and learning how to defend ourselves from being killed by dangerous animals.

Julius Caesar wrote about all the dangerous animals that lived in the enormous German forests.

He spoke of one particular animal (can’t remember which one), which was extremely dangerous.

He then said that young German men would try to find those animals and kill them, and if they did, everyone was very delighted and they achieved great honor for what they did.

Hunting today is lame and fun. But in the past, it was critical to survival. Hunting back then was almost like being in a permanent state of WAR … except that is with animals.

Humans in the past were very few. Scientists estimated that about 8,000 years ago, on Doggerland (now the sea bed), that Whites there, in their LIFETIME, only met 50 other Whites!!!! In your ENTIRE LIFE TIME you only meet 50 other humans. People lived in groups of about 25. This is how we lived for tens of thousands of years.

If we don’t return to our natural state of thinking, WE WILL BECOME JEWS. We will become f*cking bags of shit. I can see it in the way Whites EVERYWHERE think – even here in SA.

We are becoming like f*cking Jews if we aren’t careful. Seriously. We need to stand on some corpses and laugh. It will be healthy for us. I’m not joking.

We were very warlike before Jews came along. Then these Jews merged among us, especially under the Roman Empire. These bags of crap from the Middle East who f*cking traded in donkeys and goats came to live among us.

We MUST be ourselves. Our NATURAL STATE: e.g. Nationalist, love your own culture, civilisation, people …. kill our enemies. We must return to that. That was awesome. We nearly took over the entire world FFS. That system worked for us.

We have ENEMIES TO KILL and CONTINENTS and later PLANETS and GALAXIES to CONQUER and SUBJUGATE! WE won’t coexist with Aliens … we’ll kill them and chain them, and take anything the hell we want.

That could be our destiny. We could INFEST THE UNIVERSE WITH EUROPEANS FFS. Why the f*ck do we need to grovel for Jews, Blacks, etc.

Our destiny could be AWESOME, and we have the raw SKILLS to do these things. Nobody on this planet has survived and overcome what our race has overcome. We conquered the ice, the glaciers, the ice ages, the poles.

We crossed the poles where no human had walked before … we sailed oceans nobody sailed before … we flew before anyone else … We invented space travel.


That is so unbecoming of us. Our status is greater than that.
We should have some self respect FFS.

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