The Aryan Invasion Theory: Interbreeding of Europeans & Indians


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[I published a story the other day showing an Indian actress and her lover and how they had very light skin and very obvious European features and I pondered whether we are looking, thousands of years later at the end results of Aryan and Indian race mixing? Remember Hitler was a big fan of the Aryans and especially the Aryan invasion of India. Jan]

A reader sent me this comment:

Jan, those are obviously "whites". They may be Indian citizens, but im sure their genetic tests would show that they are vast majority white.
For instance my dads family is from southern Italy and his parents came here at 15yrs of age..

My mom’s family has been in America in Iowa for hundreds of years and are supposedly from Wales.

My genetics in an uncle from 1 side and an aunt from the other show that I am 99% white. on my moms side im half a percent jew, and on my dads side half percent "middle eastern not clear what".

So im 1% nonwhite. I’m assuming its similar for these 2 "indians" with a slightly higher nonwhite admixture.

A lot of Afghanis appear white as well.

And as you mentioned Iran (Persia) has many blond blue eyed whites.

During their stronger periods the asiatics moved west and during their stronger periods the whites moved east.

However, long separated groups then develop their own culture and "new" genetic traits to some degree, hense why italians and swedes don’t look alike.

Finns and italians are actually the purest and most isolated genotypes in Europe which seems obvious for the finns due to their location, but completely counterintuitive for the italians.

It would seem that under the empire they would have been mixing but apparently there were exceptionally strong cultural pressures for italians not to breed with anyone but italians, not even other whites.

It seems crazy that England, Ireland, Iceland, and Sweden and Norway are more interbred across the board than the people of Rome itself, but so says current genetic testing.

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