The American People Are Going To Have To Take It To The Next Level & Bring Justice – The Polls Are Rigged & Ev eryone Knows It! – My Comments

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[I am happy to see that Americans are realizing that it's all rigged. Why vote when the Jews are rigging the elections? There are also a bunch of good videos at the source link below. Jan]

Everyone was riled up about the red wave that was supposed to be coming in on Tuesday. How is that working out for you (1 Timothy 1:4)?

Let me ask you a fundamental question, what has the red wave, as the people call it, brought the American people over the last 10 cycles? I’ll tell you, absolutely nothing. The red wave is no different than the blue wave, no more than the right wing is any different than the left wing because they are two wings of the same bird. This is that POLITICAL LANGUAGE that has been designed to make lies sound truthful, and for some reason or another, the people do not want to come to this reality.

As Americans, we are ruled by law, not unconstitutional party systems. The system, within itself, is there to divide the American people so they are more easily controlled (Mark 3:25) and our forefathers clearly warned of this.

Furthermore, cycle after cycle, the people can see that the voting polls are rigged. They are rigged in picking one of the two options that have been offered up to the people as their only options, all the while overlooking and censoring other legitimate candidates.

Example: In Minnesota, Tim Walz shut down tens of thousands of small businesses through his unconstitutional orders and runs on the promotion of the murder of the innocent (Proverbs 6:17). His booth at the Minnesota State Fair had little to nothing when it came to his support base, so much so that he did not even go to his booth. His second debate with Scott Jensen, not that he was any better, was cancelled because of his obvious lying cycle that was exposed. Yet, somehow, he won 52.3 percent of the vote. The same goes for cop-killing supporter Keith Ellison, who wants to import 2-300 more Middle Easterners into Minnesota. The people are not voting for these two. The vote is fixed and we all know it.

What’s worse, you then have to go to the mainstream media to find out who wins the voting results and 94% of Americans claim they do not trust the media (John 8:44).

The narrative, as you can see, is controlled from the beginning to the end.

During a LIVE broadcast yesterday, I was talking about criminal Hillary Clinton, George Bush, Barack Obama, Joe Biden and many repeat criminals, those who have continually voiced division for years in this country and yet, somehow they are still doing it today.

I highlighted the crimes that they are responsible for in the past and in the present and while doing so, some genius on social media said that this is old information. I am going to do another show for over there it will be new information (2 Timothy 4:3).

I covered the fact that Joe Biden wouldn’t be in office today promoting illegal agendas if the people would have lawfully dealt with him back in 1988 when he was caught plagiarizing on the campaign trail (Proverbs 19:9).

I also highlighted the recidivism rate (71% of rearrests) in our country’s correctional institutions, which is a direct reflection of the American people (Mark 7). Soft judges produce hardened criminals; and so it is with corrupt politicians that are resurfacing with crime after crime because the people do not hold them accountable to the law by bringing forth consequences for them violating these laws (Proverbs 16:6).

Now, bring into play the mainstream media and corrupt politicians working hand in glove to destroy this country by creating the illusion that anyone in their right mind would vote for one that is destroying the only country that they have and yet, they are!

As one person posted, “Vote as if your business is being closed, your children are locked out of school, family members are alone in a hospital or retirement home and you are not allowed to be there, you have to show a passport to eat or to fly, the same people who did this, are on your ballot.”

They are the same corrupt politicians committing more crimes against the people because the people did not deal with them according to law (Article II, Section 4; Article I, Section 3, Clause 7 US Constitution; Isaiah 51:4).

Americans must come to terms with the fact that those who serve We The People must be held accountable to the same laws as everyone else is. Justice guards our liberties, Americans.

Article posted with permission from Sons of Liberty Media. Article by Bradlee Dean.


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