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Just a note. People have complained to me about problems on HistoryReviewed. In fact, HistoryReviewed has a number of issues that concern me.

Some of them are "back end" issues that you can’t see. But there are other problems, like features that should work, which are not working.

The one people complain the most about is a colour background issue which makes articles very difficult to read.

Then there’s a weird problem with the theme which sometimes does not load properly and you get a ghastly looking screen.

I’ve also had complaints that it does not function properly on phones even though it is meant to be phone friendly.

I have a whole list of things I do not like about the way HistoryReviewed is functioning. It was a good start, and it looked good, but I don’t like the problems with the theme especially.

I am thinking of playing a little game, by creating an additional historyreviewed website. In fact, I am thinking of two of them. One specifically for videos.

And then an experimental one, and if need be two experimental ones. On these ones I will begin testing new methods of doing things. Ultimately, if need be, I would have up to 3 other HistoryReviewed websites so that I can dig deeply into the various issues and test things.

I don’t like the theme I have, and I want to make serious changes so that things work very differently. But I think this will be best done, by having multiple websites which are copies of the main one. Then that way I can experiment and get feedback, until I feel comfortable that all is well.

This should allow you all to look too and see what you like and what works and to then give me feedback.

I want to start this process soon. Very possibly in November.

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