Jewish scum crybabies at work: Colorado Board of Education votes to include Nazi in Holocaust studies

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Colorado’s Board of Education voted to make changes to how students are taught about the Holocaust. The discussion on Wednesday revolved around the term "Nazi."

Last year, the board voted to remove the term from being used in classroom materials. In response, a number of Jewish organizations contacted the board, arguing that the term is how the group was known globally.

One board member shared her personal experience about the first time she meet her husband’s German grandmother.

"She said, ‘Hello. I’m Vincent’s grandmother. I am not a Nazi.’ The first thing she said…that was the first sentence his grandmother said. That’s how common this term Nazi is. Our children in the schools, need to know that term in order to be properly educated and engage in conversations."

The board voted unanimously to once again include the term "Nazi" in the social studies standards. The draft will get a final vote in November.


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