TERRIBLE INJUSTICE: Trump Pardons Entire Synagogue but refuses to Pardon Matt Hale! – My Comments


[It's really nice to see someone from the Creativity Church/Movement standing up for Matt. It is dreadful what has been done to Matt. I cannot even conceive how sad this is for him. But, when I wrote to him last year, he was really warm and kind. I think Matt Hale is awesome, and it is one of the lowest things that one of our own is in jail, having committed no crime, and he is stuck there for most of his life. In that sense he is somewhat like Rudolf Hess. I wish we had the power to save him. But you never know, we have another decade ahead and things are definitely getting wilder. It is terrible to be powerless and ALL OF US MUST STRIVE AND FIGHT FORWARD. THIS IS THE ONLY WAY. Jan]

22 JAN 2021 —

Trump did not grant Matt a "Commutation of Sentence". I am very sad. I want to thank all of you for your help in trying to right the terrible injustice that has been done to Matt. Trump was surrounded by Jews and we know how Matt feels about Jews and their Jewish Supremacy. Matt did tell us that if he doesn’t come home, he will persevere.

Matt wants you all to know that, “He will persevere. He will do that exclusively though in the hope and belief that one day his (((captors))) will be forced to allow his written works out of prison again so that they may help our White Race regain its righteous love for itself, thus providing value to Matt’s continued existence. In point of fact, it has never been Matt’s imprisonment per se that has been his main source of pain. Rather, it has been the bizarre and vicious efforts of his (((captors))) to (((silence))) his words, words which are so needed for a true, productive, and happy understanding of our world and the preservation of all that which we hold dear.

Anyway, we must never forget that it is better to struggle with all our might for that which is right but fail in the process than not to struggle at all.”

-Matt Hale

We did everything we could and our efforts failed. It didn’t seem to matter that Matt has spent the last 18 years in solitary confinement for a crime he did not commit or that his sentence was enhanced to give him 40 years for a total made up crime!

Thank you for your support,


Source: https://www.change.org/p/donald-trump-free-political-prisoner-matt-hale/u/28410515?cs_tk=AkUJ9ENE037CRQRDD2AAAXicyyvNyQEABF8BvBymZfly5vArM5eHbNlTVd8=&

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