Suidlanders: Gustav Muller & Simon Roche as Businessmen in S.Africa and America

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When I look at the information that my contacts and supporters have gathered about Gustav Muller and Simon Roche, some of which is unpublished, I see a very obvious pattern. Both of these men have a history of business. They have owned one or more businesses at any time. These two men are all about business. Business and money has been their core activity going back quite a number of years.

Gustav has been very successful in South Africa among the Afrikaans speakers, but his English is not so good. This is where Roche comes in. Roche is fluent in English. Gustav also is very good at public speaking, and people have told me about the kinds of crowds he can draw. I’ve been told that he has drawn 5,000 people at a single event. Roche’s history is one of marketing and especially staging events.

Therefore, Roche is basically an English version of Gustav Muller. Roche has all the same skills as Muller. By bringing Roche on board, Muller has opened up the possibility for the Suidlanders to head outside of South Africa. Gustav is good on home territory, but he can’t function in the USA, whereas that has been the core of Roche’s activities for quite some time now. Roche is the Suidlander specialist on “working” the white Christians of America.

Both of them are good marketers and speakers.

When I look at their past, I come to the conclusion that in all likelihood, they are merely businessmen, but businessmen with a strange kind of business – in this case, peddling their organisation as the only saviour of whites in South Africa during a race war.

Some Americans I chatted to the other day told me that the Suidlanders leave the Americans with the impression that they, and only THEY, can save the whites of South Africa in a war. I then told the Americans: There are over 50 white right wing organisations in South Africa! Not only that, but there are very possibly, small clandestine groups of men who are also preparing for a race war. But you won’t hear about them at all. It has struck me as totally interesting that the Americans do not know anything about any organisations except the Suidlanders. The Suidlanders have created a monopoly for themselves in the USA … and who knows what other places they’ll head to as well. It is invalid to believe that the Suidlanders are the only hope for the whites of South Africa! Its a big misconception… perhaps a deliberate misconception?

I’ve mentioned that I’ve heard a rumour that the Suidlanders might even own a liquor store.

There is other information that Iceblock has told me about, which we did not publish, but which he and I were discussing again. It has to do with another possible business activity that Gustav Muller may have been involved in.

I have also learned that the Suidlanders have several Bitcoin accounts through which they are receiving money from the USA.

You will recall that Vanessa, in her video about Roche, had stated that the Suidlanders see to it that their supporters go to farms owned by Gustav’s friends.

Vanessa’s videos are good. Here are the links: Video: EXPOSED: Suidlanders: The real Simon Roche from someone who knows him personally: Part 1 – and Video: EXPOSED: Suidlanders: The real Simon Roche from someone who knows him personally: Part 2 –

Another area where Roche could add big value to the Suidlanders is that Roche was functioning in Johannesburg for companies here doing their events. Roche may have a lot of business-knowledge gleaned from Johannesburg’s businesses which could help the Suidlanders.

The main impression that I walk away with, regarding both Muller and Roche, is that these guys are really businessmen. That’s what they’ve always been, and I think that has remained their pattern and will remain their pattern.

It appears to me that Muller seems to have tried or had a hand in a few different types of businesses. He is also a good marketer. But Roche is their main salesman outside South Africa.

In my discussions with Tom Metzger, we spoke about his experiences in the 1980s where people tried to run the KKK as a BUSINESS, and how that didn’t really work out.

There has been talk of the Suidlanders going to various countries in Europe.

Roche seems to have done a number of trips to the USA. So does all the money come back to South Africa?

I am wondering whether some of the monies coming in to the Suidlanders from the USA are being directed into business activities in South Africa or elsewhere?  Jan.

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