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[I had a quick look and it looks pretty decent. It may be a starting point for some folks. Jan]


On this page are various red pills that I have learned on my own from experience and that I want to share freely with others. I invite you to learn from my experience without having to go through all the time and effort it took me to learn these things. This is the beginning of wisdom and is the foundation for everything else on this Blog. Red Pills come in two categories, Basic and Advanced.

For Newbies who are unaware of what the Jewish problem is, I strongly recommend that you first focus on the dishonesty and corruption of the world and do not even think about Jews at first. Only after you comprehend the dishonesty and corruption of the world should you even think about Jews or the Jewish Question. You have to learn to crawl before you learn to walk. The Basic Red Pills below are useful for that.
Basic Red Pills

Red Pill basic knowledge. Start your journey on the path to truth here.
The Dishonesty and Corruption of the World

The Illusion that the World is Honest

You have to see the Lie before you can see the Truth

The Two Worlds Paradigm: How to See the World
About the Red Pill

What is the red pill?

The Red Pill vs the Blue Pill

Red Pill 101

You are here to wake up

Rules for the Red Pilled

The consequences of taking the Red Pill

This is no time to be an Honest Simpleton

The Brain Dead
An introduction to the Jewish Problem

Who runs the World?

What is the Jewish Problem?

The Jewish Snake Described

Jews hide behind False Fronts
Going Deeper Down the Rabbit Hole

The Snake, the Sheep and the Owl

The War between Good and Evil
Truth vs Lies

The Three Types of “Truth”

How the Establishment discredits the Truth

False Narratives
Psychological Operations (PSYOPs)

A word about PSYOPs

Common Attributes of PSYOPs

The Keys to Deception
Miscellaneous Topics

Web sites to Avoid

Search Engine Information Control

Separating your Friends from your Enemies

Take the Red Pill for Basic Reality (or “How Reality Really Works”)
Advanced Red Pills

These are red pills for advanced users only. Be fully familiar with the Basic Red Pills before you even attempt to take these red pills otherwise they will make no sense to you.
More about the Jewish Problem

The Jewish Hive Mind

We are living in a Jewish Zoo

The World as a Jewish Stage

Jews use people as PSYOPS

The Deepest Rabbit Hole: The Jewish Problem
Some Deep Topics to consider

A Hidden Tyranny

Everything that is seen is just a means to an end

The 1917 Jewish Revolution in Russia

The Simulation Described

How the Deception Works

Reality Programming

Reality Programming, Part Deux

A Deception Detector

Benevolent Deception?

on the topic of Faked Deaths

People who are demonized or appear to get in trouble in the False World

Jews cannot be trusted not to be disinformation agents

Anteroom of our own extinction

More to Come…

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