Story of an Old German Lady who was in the Hitler Youth Corps and remained faithful to Hitler

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[I was reading some stories of Germans after WW2 who had been in the Hitler Youth. People were keen to explain how everyone had changed and weren't indoctrinated anymore. So I found this story of the old lady who remained a NAZI throughout her life interesting. Jan]

Here’s the story:
The positive stories on here are uplifting. I worked as a Customer Service Manager at a now defunct grocery chain in Riverview, Florida bordering the town of Gibsonton in the early 2000s. One of our regular customers was a jovial little old German woman who was generally nice. One day as she was checking out I asked one of our baggers to help with her groceries. He was special needs, always helpful, and incredibly honest( he was always finding money people dropped in the parking lot and turning it in to our lost and found). To my surprise, he refused to bag for her. I pulled him aside and asked him why and he told me she was a Nazi and wouldn’t help her. He told me that she kept a picture of Adolf Hitler above the mantle of her fireplace. I knew he was Jewish (he wore a Star of David on his necklace outside his uniform), and didn’t want to push him or upset him, but I found it hard to believe. However, sometime much later she opened up to me for whatever reason and bragged about being a member of the Hitler Youth Corps. She even pulled out a photograph from her purse of the large portrait of Hitler she had above her fireplace. It was the kind of large monstrosity you usually expect to see of Jesus on black velvet. She pulled out another on of her in her youth wearing her Nazi uniform. Her adoration of Hitler was disgusting, as was her complaining of everything bad being the result of “the damned Jews". It was disturbing to think someone like this was still walking around.


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