AMERICA IS SPLITTING: When Trump leaves the White House: THE BEST BEST BEST NEWS OF ALL… Republican survey…

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So a quick note. I’ll post the full story later.

Just as I mentioned with the Rasmussen poll that 47% of all Americans, including the dummies … believe the US Election was stolen.

Even better news: 79% of Republicans believe the election was stolen.

There is a RUMOUR doing the rounds that Biden will concede. I am warning you, as I observe things, that I’m looking for old tricks that were used to fool whites in South Africa and Rhodesia, and I will tell you that I am certain you will find that this is JUNK and it won’t happen. IGNORE THE RUMOURS … IGNORE THE GOOD SOUNDING RUMOURS like Biden will resign because he fears prosecution. That’s junk. DO NOT HANG IN THERE HOPING FOR GOOD NEWS. These are psychological tricks. Its nonsense. Don’t listen to it.

Trump is on a losing streak. (Whether Trump is a 4D chess player with a 2024 plan I don’t know and I won’t bet on it).

But, returning to reality, if 47% of Americans, including the morons, believe the election was stolen, then that’s great. EVEN MORE IMPORTANT is that 79% of Republicans believe it’s lost. That is still a huge chunk of freaked out people.

So as Alex Linder has said, the USA is polarising. THIS IS FINE. THIS IS PERFECT. Just fight for your side. If the Republicans are freaked out by the BIG ELECTION F*CKOVER … that will amaze, shock, horrify and ANGER them!!!


Trump may be gone, and he might or might not ever be back. But his leaving may kick off and energise a new level of OUTRAGE NEVER SEEN BEFORE IN THE USA.

THIS IS EXCELLENT. GO WITH THE FLOW. Red Pill those Republicans. And among those Republicans, go to the ZIONISTS and the Israel Jew loving lots … and begin teaching them about race, Jews, etc.


Let America split. That’s fine. That’s how civil wars and struggles go. Just dive in on our side AND RECRUIT NEW PEOPLE.

The bigger, bolder, GLARINGLY OBVIOUS MOVES will freak people out. It’s like 911, it’s like COVID … We are busy with the Jewish Mind Worm at work. Learn to play the game of the Mind Worm. This is the real game in town.

Maybe Trump was "crucified" by this electoral fraud and it will freak out normies who are not used to this level of trickery and have seen America shattered before their eyes!!! YAY!

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