STOCK MARKET CRASHES, the Fed Jew Money: Stock Market Jitters … super bubble worries … Gold reviving…

A quick note, I was looking at stock market stuff and it seems as if the stock markets are going to go into a period of instability. Even The Fed has said this may continue for months.

They are caught between a rock and a hard place. They have created so much Jewish Fed money, that the spectre of nasty inflation is bothering them. So now they’re trying to hold back on the inflation. But to do that, they need to slow down the fake Jewish money printing.

This in turn will remove the FAKE SUPPORT the stock markets have. So the markets will begin falling. In recent days a 10% fall has already caused jitters.

And remember the US Stock markets are so huge, that when they fold, it takes EVERYONE down with this, within a matter of days actually.

It seems The Fed and US Government are going to try to hold back on the inflation but it means the markets WILL CRASH. So they will then play a complex game whereby they will have to ARTIFICIALLY CONTROL THE EXTENT OF THE MARKET CRASH.

There seems to be strong evidence that the US Government and Fed will never allow the stock market SUPER BUBBLE to actually crash as far as it should. They will be intervening actively.

The truth is, that if it truly crashed, as it naturally should, it would wipe out virtually every investment vehicle on the planet, and ALL SAVINGS and ALL PENSIONS. So they can’t allow this. But I think that for a long time they’ve worked out the computer methods for controlling it and slowing it down.

I was reading where other experts were basically hinting at the same.

Anyway, we seem to be on our way to seeing some cool, overdue, Gold action. Because Gold always rises when this fake junk is collapsing.

There is no doubt in my mind that the US Government and the Fed will intervene aggressively and carefully in order to CONTROL any downward movement and to ARTIFICIALLY CONTROL THE DEPTH OF ANY CRASH. So it will NOT be a fully blown crash.

I will publish more on this later.

But just be aware, that The Fed is sitting between a rock and a hard place. They FAKED the survival of the Stock Market … a typically Jewish thing to do. And now they have to manage the other negatives coming out of this.

But I think the US Government will never allow a full crash. They can’t. It would cause the USA itself AND 95% of the entire WORLD to just collapse into total chaos. EVERYTHING IS AT STAKE. So it’s a serious matter.

They won’t let it happen. Even so, we should take some of our own precautions with our own financial affairs.

There is no question that ALL MARKETS and ALL COMMODITIES OF IMPORTANCE (e.g Gold and Silver) are HIGHLY MANIPULATED AND CONTROLLED. So markets are not "free". They ARE CONTROLLED.

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