Stephen Mitford Goodson’s excellent Books – His Rhodesian, Ian Smith book’s big errors

Here is a list of the books written by the late Stephen Mitford Goodson. He died under extremely suspicious conditions.

I have most of his books and all of them are good, except for one. The one book where he made huge errors, is his book wherein he attacks Ian Smith.

I’ve studied that book and the angles and arguments he made therein. A long time back when Dr Peter Hammond and I were doing interviews we had an off the record discussion about Goodson’s book on Ian Smith.

Dr Peter Hammond knew Goodson personally and helped bury him and took actions at the time of his strange death, to assist.

Peter Hammond and I had a private discussion about Goodson and his take on Ian Smith. Hammond knew Ian Smith personally.

Both of us agree that his assessment of Ian Smith is completely off the mark. Way off the mark.

Hammond has a theory as to the source of Goodson’s angle on Smith which I would prefer not to raise.

I know many things about Smith and various accusations. But Goodson’s analysis of Smith is completely twisted and has enormous problems with it.

This is the only book of Goodson that I would NOT recommend. Otherwise his work is brilliant. But he clearly had a twisted source and his arguments and angles have enormous holes in them.

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