STATE OF EMERGENCY: COVID-19: Why is the South African Govt even calling up the Army reserves? Why?


[This order seems to have been issued by a white guy. It seems to be this guy:

He's 71. So I'm not sure why they are issuing this order and what the need is. One always wonders if there is something anti-white going on. But I would think at this stage that perhaps they are facing problems containing the blacks. The blacks have been going crazy about lockdown.

The army is also stopping movement between the provinces, which to me seems to be a silly thing to do, or at least very pointless.

I don't think this is an anti-white move. But I will be watching any moves they make. The way they are going about things, my guess is that they may be having problems containing the BLACKS. The blacks are hating the lockdown and blacks are even complaining of food shortages.

This lockdown is totally idiotic at best, and malicious at worst. I do NOT trust the black Jew, Ramaphosa one bit. There can be all kinds of reasons why he's doing this. It may also be that he genuinely fears that COVID-19 will KILL BLACKS and that is what he is trying to save.

If they are calling out the army in force, it might even be that some real protests and battles might yet rage between the blacks and the army. We've never seen this "new army" under black rule in actual action, and I'm very keen to follow any developments and footage of what happens.

This lockdown is yet going to turn into the most hated event in SA history, and the black Jew, Ramaphosa, is the key driving force. In fact, the army has stated that they take ALL THEIR ORDERS ONLY FROM PRESIDENT RAMAPHOSA. So this could get very interesting.

I'm in Johannesburg which has the "highest rate of COVID-19 in the country…" Hahahaha. We'll watch this nonsense pan out. Maybe the army will yet get to kill blacks. That could be interesting. Watch this space. Jan]

Reserve Force call-up – Dept of Defence
Maj Gen R.C. Andersen | 23 April 2020

Dept says certain reserve force units and selected individuals have been put on 25 hours standby
Defence on Reserve Force call up to combat Coronavirus COVID-19

23 April 2020

Reserves in the South African Army, South African Air Force, South African Navy and the South African Military Health Service (“Four Services”) form an important component of the SANDF.

To date a large number of the Reserves in each of the Four Services has been called up and deployed on borderline protection and together with the Regular Force in support of the SAPS and the Department of Health during OP NOTLELA to combat COVID-19.

In addition, certain Reserve force units and selected individuals have been put on 25 hours standby.

The remaining members who are currently serving in the Reserve Force but who have not yet been called up have been asked to contact their units in order to confirm their availability. They will be called up as soon as they are required.

Those members of the Reserves who have not yet been called up and who have specialist skills are requested to contact the Defence Reserves offices in their provinces (contact details are available on to volunteer their service. Such persons include

Health care practitioners, especially nurses and doctors

Qualified chefs

Qualified mechanics

Qualified engineers, technical and mechanical

Pilot or aviation experience

Qualified seamstresses

They should provide the following information:

Force Number


First Name


Identity Number


Nearest town or city

Nature of Scarce Skill/ Qualification

The SA National Defence would like to thank the members of the Reserve Force for their willingness to serve, and for the significant contribution they are making.

Issued by Maj Gen R.C. Andersen, Chief Defence Reserves, Department of Defence, 23 April 2020


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