South Africa has a *LOT* of WHITE TRAITORS … Free Masons, Jews, etc…

I must tell you, that in the last 3 years, I have been astounded at the number of White Traitors I’ve come across.

Until 2018, I had never met a Free Mason, nor been aware of how big Free Masonry was among Whites in SA. There is hardly a little town where there aren’t Free Masons at work.

Free Masons are, from what I can see, a kind of Zionist Christian Jew loving multicultural type.

I had very lengthy discussions with a Free Mason on 2 occasions.

But there are also Jews of course who were actually involved in MK – the Armed wing of the ruling party. And South Africa is filled with Liberals too.

We have a LOT of White globalists and Race traitors here. It is very shocking actually.

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