SHTF: A Canadian Pal writes: They’ll have to kill me with a DRONE: I’ll be popping heads at 1km!!!


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[My trip across Canada was the most amazing trip of my life and I only have one person to thank for that: Paul Fromm of CAFE. That was such an awesome week. And during that week in 2019, I met lots of cool Canadians and I really enjoyed them. And I have a soft spot for the French Canadians. But one of the coolest english guys I met was a guy who lives in a remote area, and I love his attitude. So here's an email from him that I got, and I just love it. Anyone who tells me that White Canadians won't be able to survive doesn't know shit. He doesn't know what he's talking about. Let me tell you, Canada will remain WHITE. It might even become MORE WHITE. Stick around. So he reckons they'll need to kill him with a drone!!! 🙂 Hahahaha. Hey … when the SHTF … WHITES will ALSO HAVE DRONES!!!! Long Live Canada … and America… and Australia … and Europe … and New Zealand (when they get rid of the communist bag of shit Jacinda!) I do like the attitude of our brothers. I told him that I hope that I can get to Canada again one day … but, he might be visiting us … in a WHITE state here in Africa one day!!!! 🙂 Stick around … the WHITE MALES HAVE NOT YET COME OUT OF THE WOODWORK and when they do…. you'll see the SHTF baby! Don't f*ck with my brothers!!!! Jan]

This is what he wrote:

Hey, Jan.

I was offline for the past ten days getting freebsd installed and running. Everything is working now though.

Yeah, when the shooting starts, I’ll be popping heads at a kilometre. I shoot 6" groups at 1018 yards. I look forward to most likely dying in a drone strike on my position because nobody will be safe within a mile of my position.

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