Shocker: The biggest Wealth Transfer in HISTORY is happening NOW & nobody is talking about it…


[The Jews and the Elite are getting richer by the day. This is the result of all that money being pumped into the economy by the Fed and other banks. Here in SA its the same. The reserve bank dropped interest rates to all time lows. An important aspect of the way the West works, is that it operates on Jewish DEBT! We live in a debt based society where the people who borrow are rewarded and NOT the people who SAVE. Also, I must repeat, that in my view, it is IMPOSSIBLE to pay back the debt. A country can ONLY go deeper into debt. It can't get out of it except by defaulting in total. This is an excellent and shocking meme a supporter sent me. Now in my view, SMALL WHITE BUSINESS needs to SMASH BIG JEWISH BUSINESS. Jan]

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