Scumbag Jewish Britain: Trying to destroy BitChute: Hateful BitChute video site is first test for Ofcom


[The Jewish scum in Britain are up to no good as usual, trying by every means to destroy Bitchute. Sadly, I can't access the full article so I'm publishing what small portion of it is public. I am concerned by Bitchute's future and hope they can fight back. Notice how the Jews are responsible for "investigating" Bitchute … and determining how its content is bad. Disgusting. The Jew is in your mind. Jan]

A video-sharing platform is being reported to Ofcom for hosting hateful, violent and antisemitic content, in the first big test of social media regulation.

BitChute, which has been described as YouTube for the far right, is hosting scores of videos related to Holocaust denial and glorification. Its users can also watch videos concerning conspiracy theories about the US presidential election, the coronavirus pandemic and vaccines.

Last year BitChute, which was registered in Newbury, Berkshire, in 2017 as a response to what its founder called “increased levels of censorship by the large social media platforms”, was found to have hosted videos from banned far-right terrorist groups. Research by the Community Security Trust, a Jewish charity, found “easily accessible, vast quantities of videos that both deny and …..


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