#BS#Science & Technology works for Whites – It can save us

#BS#This is from another note to Christians where the issue was Evolution and science:

Been there done that. Spat in the face of evolution all my life.

I read entire books on it.

Evolution is not a PROBLEM, except if you are a Christian or a believer in some God creating things.

There’s simply too much evidence in fossils. Too much. and even here in SA, I have gone to places, that I heard of through other people and looked at rocks which show that there was another world.


I was on a farm, where I was told there are small dinosaur footprints and I went there, and on a rock, I could see the footprints and even the tail marks where small lizards must have walked millions of years ago.

It was clearly mud at the time, but now it was solid rock.

The most impressive thing I saw with my own eyes were fossilised trees in the water by the sea. You had to go when the tide went out. And there were “rocks” which clearly used to be trees. You could see the branches and fallen trees which once were real. You could even see the tree rings. And they had fallen in different directions. But now it was solid rock. Amazing stuff.

Evolution works for us. Science works for us. There’s no need to fight science EXCEPT when it is liberal.

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