Science and Evolution: Whites and Humans as animals…

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[Here are a few thoughts from an email I sent some friends. Jan]

I ponder us as animals. And some interesting things come out of that. I was watching some science stuff where a Japanese scientist was saying that we used to be "weak monkeys". The strong monkeys chased us down out of the trees. And our survival success is based on co-operation. He was doing some fascinating tests with chimpanzees which showed how different their brains were to ours. It was quite amazing to see.

I definitely think we MUST view all human races as different species. I think, scientifically we ARE DIFFERENT SPECIES. Professor Quigley mentioned why, for humans only, science avoids defining us as different SPECIES. Let me tell you, SCIENCE, is on our side. All the way. If it was properly applied. But humans are DIFFERENT SPECIES and Jews are just a different SPECIES of Pseudo-European/Middle Easterners, who evolved along a different survival strategy.

Bottom line: Jews can be beaten. Easily. Easily.

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