SA: Zuma Riots: Phoenix Massacre: Most Violent killings: The Indians who killed the Blacks


[They are trying to paint the Blacks here as innocent. I'm not sure I buy this. Jan]

The justification of racial profiling and the extrajudicial killing of black people in Phoenix at the hands of vigilante mobs – seemingly in the name of protecting the Indian community and their homes – has been called into question by new data obtained by News24.

In Phoenix, the level of violence was unparalleled, with the 30 square kilometre suburb accounting for nearly 10% of the 337 unrest-related deaths across South Africa. Of the 36 people killed, three were Indian. The balance of those who lost their lives were black, and many township residents remain missing.

A detailed geographic analysis data of murder scenes and shooting incidents, obtained through well-placed police sources, revealed that suspected looters – predominantly black people – were attacked and killed at main access points to Phoenix and along arterial roads. With the rule of law abandoned, looters and innocent bystanders were targeted because of the colour of their skin.


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