S.Africa: (Jew?) Aida Parker’s article 9 days before Dr Verwoerd was assassinated by a commie…

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NB: Verwoerd made a brilliant move that kept South Africa under white rule for about another 20-30 years. He got South Africa to break away from Britain. He turned South Africa into a Republic. That gave South Africa true freedom for a time, otherwise South Africa would have been a colony like Rhodesia and the British could have ordered the whites to hand over political power to the blacks like they did in Rhodesia. Verwoerd beat the British to the punch. Verwoerd was working like a lunatic to keep South Africa under the control of the whites… and that is why this man had to be KILLED!

Verwoerd also pulled off another miracle. He actually fought a legal battle in the Hague where South Africa won against the charge that Apartheid was oppressive. Verwoerd won the legal battle and the court concluded that Apartheid was NOT OPPRESSIVE!!! You never hear anyone mentioning this court victory. In fact, most South Africans have forgotten this very important event.  This was the doing of Dr Verwoerd.

My own research into Verwoerd has caused me to conclude that he was probably a closet NAZI – a man who had a National Socialist view for future whites in SA. Its a topic I’ll return to.

The Rupert’s are extremely wealthy and they are linked to the Rothschilds.

In this image below is a label of the Rupert Rothschild wine they produce here in South Africa.

Take a look at this front page news article 9 days before Dr Verwoerd was stabbed to death in parliament by a communist assassin. This article is by Aida Parker (a Jewish communist(?) Journalist).

The “Nats” are the National Party, which was the party that brought Apartheid to South Africa when the white (Boers/Afrikaners) broke free from British domination in 1948.

Here’s the top part of the article:

Just over a week before his death, Aida Parker is writing that the Nats in the Cape are backing the super-rich Rupert and that “Verwoerd must go”. She says: “Dr Verwoerd himself is the main target”.

It is interesting that these Liberal scum were busy trying to oust Dr Verwoerd at the same time that the communists were about to actually KILL Verwoerd!

On 6 September 1966, Verwoerd was assassinated in Cape Town, shortly after entering the House of Assembly at 14:15. A uniformed parliamentary messenger named Dimitri Tsafendas stabbed Verwoerd in the neck and chest four times before being subdued by other members of the Assembly.

BEWARE: Liberals open the doors to Jewish communism! The Liberals are the bastards who prepare the way for Jewish communism. They do it everywhere. I was reading recently that the Jews & Liberals were doing it in Spain before the “Civil war” which the communists started there. Jan.

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