S.Africa: Its getting REALLY WEIRD! Jews, Global Elite & Liberals pushing like CRAZY to unseat President Zuma!


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[I must say, the pressure to get rid of Zuma and the articles they’re publishing shows that something really weird is going on. I’ve never seen anything like it before. Since last year March they’ve been working to get rid of him, but its getting weirder.

People were sending me messages saying that Zuma should be out by now. In fact, just days ago I received messages saying that Zuma would be out within 24 hours which has NOT happened yet. The newspapers are filled daily with updates on how Zuma is due to go ANY DAY NOW.

The latest is that the Jewish controlled DA is working with the white hating black communist Julius Malema and they are pushing hard to get Zuma out. Now Ramaphosa was their real hope. He got in to head the ANC in December 2017 and then the Elite and Jews and Liberals nearly lost their minds from sheer delight. They reckoned Zuma would be gone in a matter of days.

The Rand has shot up through the roof as a result, showing that the Globalist Elite “approve” MASSIVELY of Ramaphosa. But Ramaphosa is starting to take too long and the Jews and Liberals are getting very irritated. The latest is that the Jewish controlled DA (with the Jewess bitch Helen Zille playing a massive role) has said that if Zuma is not gone by the start of next week that they will support the EFF (Julius Malema’s communist scum) in organising a Vote of No confidence in Parliament.

But now its getting rather weird and I don’t know what to make of it. In 2008 Zuma kicked Mbeki out by using the ANC’s “recall” rule. In no time at all, they kicked out the President of South Africa. But, at the moment, for some reason it seems Ramaphosa is not making use of this rule.

I’ve even come across video of the former President, Mbeki’s brother, openly LYING about the “recall” rule in 2008. He says it does not exist. But he’s talking nonsense.

What is particularly interesting for me, is WHY THE JEWS AND LIBERALS ARE PUSHING SO HARD. They are really pushing INTENSELY literally for Zuma to be kicked out in a matter of days AT THE MOST! They’re trying to unseat him DAILY – literally.

Since December they were elated at the immediate sign of Zuma being kicked out by Ramaphosa. But now they’re beginning to wonder if Ramaphosa “can deliver”.

It is blatantly open that the internationalists are OPENLY trying to kick the President out.

Ramaphosa seemed to be under their control and I’ve wondered just how much under their control he is. If this is anything to go by, maybe he is also playing them?

But the thing that strikes me as the most bizarre is the incredible intensity of the Liberals and Jews in wanting Zuma gone without waiting for another month. The intensity to GET RID OF ZUMA NOW is the really interesting part. I’m asking myself what is driving this? Why the unbelievable urgency?

I had formed the opinion that the blacks are playing the Jews and Elite and lying to them. But the newspapers are saying Zuma will be gone ANY DAY NOW. Jan]

Look at some of these news stories:

Here they say all the 12 political opposition parties are discussing a national shutdown over Zuma: http://ewn.co.za/2018/02/08/opposition-parties-discuss-national-shutdown-over-zuma

Here’s a story that Ramaphosa is being WARNED over his handling of the exit of Zuma: http://ewn.co.za/2018/02/08/ramaphosa-warned-over-handling-of-zuma-s-exit – But Ramaphosa is the Vice President! Its as if they’re trying to order him around!

The ANC itself seems to be playing its own game. They’re going on a “charm offensive”. (All this suggests to me that the blacks in the ANC are operating like a team and they are not fighting as much as the Jews/Liberals believe). Here’s the link: http://ewn.co.za/2018/02/09/anc-leaders-in-charm-offensive-amid-concerns-over-zuma-exit-talks

Here they are openly stating that Ramaphosa has been in 3 days of talks with Zuma ABOUT HIS EXIT! Here’s the link: http://ewn.co.za/2018/02/08/talks-between-ramaphosa-zuma-enter-third-day

In this video below, we see former President Mbeki’s brother who according to the Jews and Liberals is “very brilliant”. In this video he openly LIES about the recall of 2008. He is LYING about what the ANC said back then as to why they are kicking Mbeki out! WTF?

There’s a big game being played here and it seems to me the Liberals/Jews/Globalists WANT ZUMA OUT NOW! But why? Why the incredible urgency? Why can’t they wait for April 2019 when he has to leave anyway because his 10 years will be up. Why can’t they just wait for another 14 months and then Zuma will be gone anyway?

Something weird is on the go. Again it makes me think these blacks are lying to the Jews and Liberals and playing a game.

The DA and the EFF want to push for a vote of no confidence next week to get the parliament to kick Zuma out! The whole thing is VERY INTENSE and VERY WEIRD!

It may be that Ramaphosa might be showing his true colours and that maybe he is lying about his own intentions! He may well have fooled the liberals and Jews himself.

Its really weird.

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