S.Africa: Is there a clandestine war by blacks to drive White Farmers into bankruptcy? – Foot & Mouth Disease weirdness

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Boer Jack, whom I have interviewed, sent me a note today saying that there’s something huge going down. Due to the sudden appearance of “foot and mouth” disease in some provinces, the Govt has actually stopped the transport and selling of cattle even in provinces that do not have foot and mouth disease.

Furthermore, cattle from neighbouring black states like Botswana and Namibia are allowed to travel through SA provinces which have Foot and Mouth disease, yet local cattle are not allowed to move.

The stopping of auctions of animals since yesterday is causing an enormous strain on the white farmers.

My own view is that our black Jewish President may be using more covert methods that do not look openly like war, but they are war by other means, to destroy the white farmers.

A few months ago, the old Jewish communist, Jeremy Cronin of the South African Communist party, stated that if the blacks can’t seize the land from whites using overt, legal means; then more cunning measures would have to be used in order to seize the land from whites.

Jeremy Cronin is an old Jewish POS commie, whose a major player in the SA Communist Party.


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