S.Africa: Harry Knoesen: Crusaders: In total 4 whites arrested so far… including Riana Heymans


[They arrested another 3 people on Friday, including Riana Heymans whom I had hoped could remain a fugitive for longer. So we know about 4 arrests in total. But that voice message, originally, said HUNDREDS of whites would be arrested. So it appears this might not be the case. Which is good. 

We still need to see the anti-white fallout from the blacks, communists, liberals and Jews; all howling about Harry. Most of us in the white right here in SA actually agree with Harry's sentiments. We agree with the concepts he spoke of. He spoke from his heart and it reflected how we FEEL. But that's not to say that we would follow him on to the attack. I do think, he's kicked off something that we must deal with. We must NOT cry over spilt milk. We must make the most of his message. He was trying to start a race war. He believed a race war could save the whites, and to a large degree I think the same way. Harry was most likely brought down by white christian afrikaans speaking people and if it were not for them, the blacks would never even have known about this. This is a very important point. Jan]

The Hawks have arrested three more suspects wanted in connection with an alleged terror plot as part of the National Christian Resistance Movement (NCRM), also known as the ‘Crusaders’.

Among those arrested was Riana Heymans, the Hawks said in a statement, after she had gone on the run when leader of the group, Harry Knoesen was taken into custody on Thursday.

Heymans and two other alleged accomplices were arrested on Friday in Kliprivier, Johannesburg by an integrated team of Crime Intelligence operatives and Hawks members, spokesperson Brigadier Hangwani Mulaudzi said in a statement.

“Various firearms and ammunition, documents and other items were confiscated by the Criminal Record Centre (CRC) for further probing,” Mulaudzi said.

This follows the arrest of the self-professed leader of the “movement” Harry Knoesen, on Thursday by the Hawks at his Mpumalanga home on terrorism-related charges.

Knoesen, 60, is a former national defence force member and retired pastor.

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The Hawks had been gathering intelligence on the NCRM for two years, according to Mulaudzi.

“The arrest follows a two-year extensive intelligence-led investigation into the alleged terrorist plot apparently co-ordinated by the group to target national key points, shopping malls and informal settlements,” Mulaudzi said in a statement on Friday.

The three accused are expected to join Knoesen in the Middelburg Magistrate’s Court on Monday on charges of contravening the Protection of Constitutional Democracy against Terrorism and Related Activities (POCDATARA) Act as well harbouring a wanted suspect in terms of the same Act.

Knoesen had appeared in court on Friday.

Source: https://www.news24.com/SouthAfrica/News/hawks-make-more-arrests-in-crusaders-terror-plot-20191201

3 thoughts on “S.Africa: Harry Knoesen: Crusaders: In total 4 whites arrested so far… including Riana Heymans

  • 5th December 2019 at 9:13 am

    @ John
    Jews first then white liberal thrash

  • 2nd December 2019 at 7:50 am

    Harry didnt say anything that Malema from the EFF or Andile of the BLF didnt say and are doing. He said far less and will face far worse. The best thing has come from this, the whites will see that the law is one sided in SA and Harry awoken the white spirit

    I think if anything, he showed the government up, he showed how the law is corrupt, he showed whites that they have no voice, he showed the whites that blacks can call for the killing of whites, blacks can arm/train to kill whites and nothing is said or done about it.

    Ghandi said…If it wasnt for Christians we would all be Christians.

    Afrikaaners (this is a general statement) sell out their own people more often than they save them. This was proven to be the case during the great trek, during the Boer wars, during the Apartheid years, during the present shit rainbow abortion aka the new South Africa.

    The gov will get spooked, will probably go after other groups but will have to set off some false flag attack and you say he was probably sold out by whites but who do you think are the brains behind the hawks, the people behind tracking him down….

    Stupid mother fucking traitor whites who should be shot

    Its this simple….

    If we got rid of the liberal whites, the whites in bed with the ANC, if we got rid of the scum useless white pieces of shit then things could come right.

    If a revolution broke out, the first people you shoot should be the white liberals – simple as that. I have more hope for blacks in this country than for deluded, white liberal scum and even less for liberal, happy clappy Christians.

    I support Malema + Andile, I hope they shoot the whites and slit their throats, we need to wake the whites up. Im thinking a few whites should buy some shoepolish, get some red overalls and start shooting up. The best thing that could happen is if they get rid of liberal whites.

    If Malema told me tomorrow he was going to get rid of liberal white scum, I would jump up, sign up, buy a good old fashioned banger and lead his party to do what they like with those fuckers who destroyed this country.

    Liberal white scum destroyed South Africa.

  • 2nd December 2019 at 7:03 am

    “Harry was most likely brought down by white Christian Afrikaans speaking people . . . ”

    I agree with Harry Knoesen’s thinking. It’s tragic that this God-conscious man was betrayed by stupid fellow whites. I wonder if other enlightened whites will make an example of the traitors in order to discourage such betrayal in the future?


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