S.Africa: Farmer who was attacked says: Julius Malema ‘an instigator’ of farm murders

[It turns out that the Afriforum march on the Union buildings was on the 25th and not the 24 as I had been told. Its a good thing I had decided not to bother to go. I am facing the same problem with Vonk’s big march which I’m told is planned for 1st December but I really have no idea what they will actually do. Without any reliable information I’m not going to go out of my way to attend these things. I’ve asked people until I’m blue in the face – as I say, I get very little support here in South Africa so I’m not going to waste my resources running around blindly.

It does appear the march wasn’t that big. I have mentioned too that Afriforum, who are really financed by the old traitor FW De Klerk have stated that they won’t defend “racists”. So that should tell you where they really stand.

Here they have a farmer who was attacked and shot in the back and his wife was murdered. He says that Julius Malema is the instigator of these farm attacks. I firmly agree with this. I have said in the past that Julius Malema and Robert Mugabe are probably responsible for the murder of Eugene Terreblanche in 2010. And I have no doubt that Mugabe helped Malema. But Malema is now in the Jewish camp with Helen Zille and the DA and a Jewish billionaire gave Malema a lot of money. Malema drives sports cars.

There’s no question that Malema is involved in the attacks on Whites. Malema’s people were busy in Coligny this year too. Malema’s EFF and Black First Land First are two organisations that need to BE SHUT DOWN AND PUT OUT OF BUSINESS!! They are stoking attacks on whites. Jan]

Duncan Prinsloo (70) was shot in the back during the attack. He marched to the Union Buildings in Pretoria with AfriForum on Saturday.

The protestors want government to declare farm murders a priority.

An emotional Prinsloo called on Malema to “prove he is a man”.

“I want to say to Malema today, who is the big instigator of farm murders. I want to challenge him today, I will give him a rifle, I will load it, and I will stand still, so that he can finish what they begun. I want to see if he is a man because he can shout out to the youngsters and tell them to go murder the farmers in their farms.”

You can read the rest here: https://www.jacarandafm.com/news/news/malema-instigator-farm-murders/

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