Russian TV typical over-exaggeration of German Leopard Tank Kills

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I have come across information which will give you an idea of how the Russians love to over exaggerate their successes.

Apparently on a Russian TV show they claimed that they had already destroyed 120 German Leopard tanks. Other Russian sources have lesser numbers like 60 Leopards destroyed or 46 destroyed.

All of the above is highly over exaggerated.

But the actual reality might be only 2 Leopard tanks actually destroyed, while a few were damaged which will be repaired in the coming weeks and will probably be back in battle before the end of the summer.

The Russians do the same with everything. They claim they slaughter thousands of Ukrainians each day, and the most ridiculous claim I heard in this war was that they killed, I think, 200 NATO Officers and Generals who were in Ukraine! It’s totally ridiculous.

But that’s how it went with us in Africa. The Blacks, who had been trained by the Russians made wild claims, while we published the much reduced, but totally true numbers.

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