Russian Military Blogger Girkin says the Half-Jew of Prigozhin of Wagner is preparing for a COUP!

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One thing I am finding fascinating and interesting is how easily the Russians have enjoyed the social media and being able to speak out in front of the world. They enjoy it and like all Whites they speak honestly about what they think. The Russians military bloggers have come into their own and I think they do a better job than the Russian government.

Girkin is a well known Russian military blogger. He says that the insults by Prigozhin against the Russian army are UNACCEPTABLE. He says Prigozhin is preparing for a coup d’etat in Russia and that Prigozhin will use his private army of Wagner. He says that Prigozhin is exploiting or creating a rift in the elites which Prigozhin will take advantage of.

Girkin says that insulting the Russian army is in reality a crime. Girkin says that the defeats the Russians have suffered in the war are NOT due to a lack of courage of the soldiers and the officers. I do agree with him on that. The Russians have been known for centuries for their courage on the battlefield. Girkin blames the problems on terrible leadership and the occupation of high positions by bastards.

Girkin says that the half-Jew Prigozhin is ENCOURAGING MUTINY! Again I will agree with him.

This confirms my own analysis of what the Half-Jew Prigozhin is doing. As I have pointed out, the Jews will easily turn on Putin. It does not matter that the half-Jew Prigozhin is close to Putin. He will turn on Putin when he thinks Putin is going down. The antics of this half-Jew in recent weeks in Bahkmut are a sign that this half-Jew is up to no good.

Girkin says that if this summer’s Ukrainian offensive goes well, that the political climate inside Russia could be very different by the end of summer.

Remember, there are a lot of Jews around Putin and Jews are friends when the times are good and Jews will help to destroy you FASTER when you show weakness. So here is a "very loyal" half-Jew Prigozhin and he is already starting to turn against his friend and master.

Rest assured the full-Jews will also turn on Putin.

The really important event is the Ukrainian counter-offensive. If it is done properly, it could result in a huge shock in Russia and then people might turn on Putin. Even so, Putin has a lot of power and he won’t be easy to get rid of. But if Russian morale is DAMAGED due to the reverses of the war … then it could be the beginning of the end for Putin. And the CIA is very keen on that. They spoke about this early in 2022 already – about regime change in Russia. They want Putin and his old KGB pals gone.

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