Robert Bowers was RIGHT! Why Whites MUST use VIOLENCE against the Jews!


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[One of the readers of my website wrote some comments that I like. People seem to think that Alex Linder and I just talk out of our backsides without thinking. Alex and I hold very similar views on how our politics must move forward in the face of endless railroading by Jews/Liberals/Elite.

As an aside, I see that those lovely “civilised” Liberals were busy trying to smash into the house of Tucker Carlson, who has dared to put out some truths about South Africa, and possibly other things that I’m not aware of. Here are the Liberal/Jew scum, preaching forever how “civilised” they are, and how the Conservatives/Whites/NAZIs are evil and violent. So how is it that Liberal scum are busy smashing into Carlson’s house? Where are the Whites/NAZIs who do that to the Liberals? NOWHERE! We do NOT use VIOLENCE… and we are NOT smashing into the homes of the Liberals. But maybe that’s what we should be doing!

We have RARE INSTANCES OF WHITE RIGHT VIOLENCE: Dylann Roof, Anders Breivik and now Robert Bowers. These are rare things. Go and look at how violent antifa are everywhere. In South Africa, the blacks use violence in their politics ALL THE TIME! Commies/Jews/Liberals taught them that. 

The Liberals/Left/Jews are lying scum. They FAKE a pretence at being civilised, but murder and violence is not a problem for them. Take Jewish Communism, the most violent, cruel, genocidal, evil, hideous political system ever invented. Jewish communism has killed more people than both World Wars and more people than died during even the most intense wars in Europe! So explain to me, how it is that Jews are not violent?

What of Israel? How’s that going? How is it that Jews can boast about killing a mother and baby with one bullet (shooting a pregnant woman)? Hey? Have you ever seen/heard/read of a NAZI, or a white in Africa or the USA doing something as hideous as that?

I’m going to return to this topic about the acceptance of violence in our politics.

I totally stand by the actions of white men who have dared to do what ALL WHITE MEN (including myself), should have done, if we/I had the balls to do it. I support the actions of Dylann Roof and the actions of Robert Bowers and the actions of all other white men who have stood up and attacked our enemies – whether they were Anders Breivik or that guy in Italy who just got a 12 year jail sentence.

These white men used violence, and took life and death risks in a manner that our ancestors would have been proud of. In fact, our ancestors would be furious at the rest of us for being the wishy washy wusses that we are. Our ancestors would NEVER have waited as long and as patiently (cowardly actually) as we have! They would have regarded our views as being a sign of weakness and pure cowardice. 

Let me also point out that a big part of the problem is the Elite who condone and are in bed with the Jews and who give a nod nod, wink, wink, to the Jews when they do their creepy Jew stuff. e.g. Pedophilia. The Jews corrupt people, then those people open the doors and allow the Jews to commit crimes which are NOT recognised as crimes, and that is how the Jew scum get off the hook on LOTS of things. There is a LOT more I have to say on these topics. But just ponder, for a moment, that if the Govt/Police/FBI/Elite weren’t opening a myriad of doors to the Jews, then we wouldn’t be having 911 and many other Jewish crimes where no Jew is ever punished!

Keep an eye open, in a day or two for my video: Why the White Right EVERYWHERE is losing to Jews and Blacks. In there, step by step, I explain why VIOLENCE is absolutely NECESSARY for us Whites, if our politics is to move forward. Jan]

The article I wrote was: Supporter says: How can you support Robert Bowers’ action to kill the Jews? – My Reply

Here is what a reader, Joseph Walsh, wrote in the comments:-

Right on Jan. Those elderly Jews that Bowers killed were no doubt engaged in anti-Gentile, anti-White activities during their lives, in fact their synagogue supported the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society. Jews see ALL Whites as the enemy, all Whites as Nazis and they plan to genocide our entire race. Yet the vast majority of Whites are too squeamish to contemplate genociding the Jews, you get pathetic White Nationalists arguing we should let Jews survive and even give them an ethnostate in Israel. Imagine if Jews let Whites survive and gave us our own racial state? It would never happen.

Jews are remorseless killers intent on genocide and they are WINNING because most Whites are too weak to kill their enemies the Jews. Many Whites will acknowledge our race is in a war with the Jews. Well, traditionally in a war you kill your enemies. Therefore Robert Bowers did the moral thing. Jews are responsible for the deaths of millions of elderly white people in the 20th century alone yet I bet they lose no sleep over it. Why should Whites lose sleep over a few dead old Jews? ALL Jews are a danger as they can go on to have children and grandchildren who carry out anti-White activities. For example the Rothschilds started out as a family of poor street Jews with the surname Bauer. Imagine the trouble that would have been saved if a German had taken out the Bauer’s!

I’m pessimistic about the survival of whites as I watched the reaction of racially-conscious whites to Bowers shooting and you had them saying silly things like “using violence is playing into the Jews hands.” Apparently when our ancestors the Spartans, Romans, Celts, Goths, Vikings, the British Empire, the colonizers of America, Nazi Germany etc. used violence they were doing what the Jews wanted them to do haha. Violence is the ONLY SOLUTION. No species on Earth can survive without KILLING ITS ENEMIES. Non-violence=our genocide. The Jews use violence, the Blacks use violence, Muslims use violence, Mexicans use violence, if Whites won’t shed blood they deserve extinction. Either there will be more White Men like Robert Bowers who kill the enemies of the White race or Whites will be wiped off the earth as they are non-violent and peaceful.

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