Rhodesian Mobile Chemical Weapons Lab & Missing South African Nukes


Mike wrote:

Hey Jan do you know anything about Dr David Kelly and the story about the mobile chemical weapon’s lab in Rhodesia and the missing South African nuclear weapons ?

Hi Mike,
I’ve never heard anything about the “mobile chemical weapons lap” in Rhodesia. What is the source of the story?

RE: Missing South African nukes.
That’s a rubbish story. I seem to recall the basis of the story was that Boers had seized some nuclear weapons and that SECRETLY the White Right Wing was BLACKMAILING the ANC with these nuclear weapons and therefore the ANC could not do the things it wanted.

I regard this as ANC B.S. to fool the idiots.

I think someone even wrote a book about it. But in my view – pure hogwash.

The CIA among others were EXTREMELY INSISTENT that the 6 nuclear bombs the Boers had were dismantled and they checked it. The CIA specifically stated (I forget where they did this), that THEY DID NOT WANT THE NUCLEAR WEAPONS TO FALL INTO THE HANDS OF Nelson Mandela’s ANC.

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